Is Mikasa Related To Levi? What Are The Similarities Between Them?

Is Mikasa Related To Levi: Attack on Titan is a very popular manga and anime that is known for keeping people guessing. Attack on Titan is a popular anime, and it’s easy to see why. Characters die in heartbreaking ways, secrets are revealed that make you gasp, and there are a lot of mysteries.

As more secrets are revealed, fans have more time to think about other things. One big question is how Mikasa and Captain Levi Ackerman, two of Attack on Titan’s best fighters, know each other. With the same last name, Attack on Titan fans can’t help but wonder if they are related.

In Attack on Titan, Mikasa and Levi first met at Eren Yeager’s trial. After he turned into his Attack Titan, he went crazy and attacked Mikasa, which got him locked up. Eren was on trial, and Levi beat him to show that he could be controlled. This saved Eren’s life. Mikasa didn’t know this, so she didn’t like Levi.

Eren was taken prisoner during the fight against the Female Titan, leading to a rescue mission. Mikasa didn’t follow Levi’s orders because she was angry and would do anything for Eren. Because of this, he held her. Because she couldn’t let go of her anger, the mission almost failed, and Levi hurt his leg.

As Attack on Titan went on, Mikasa started to see Levi differently and felt terrible about her actions. Even when people questioned the Captain’s honesty, she stood up for him. Mikasa showed that she was still loyal to Eren and Armin even though she respected Captain Levi.

This was very clear when Levi tried to save Erwin’s life instead of Armin’s. Mikasa didn’t think twice about threatening Levi to protect her friend. Even after everything Mikasa did, Levi still cared about her and saved her life more than once during Attack on Titan.

What Are The Similarities Between Them?

Is Mikasa Related To Levi
Is Mikasa Related To Levi

Mikasa and Levi are the best fighters in the Attack on Titan universe. They also have the same last name. Even though she is smart and has natural abilities, Mikasa is amazed by Captain Levi’s skill. His skills are similar to hers, but his years of experience have improved them.

But that’s not all they have in common. Levi and Mikasa have personalities that are also very similar. They are both very loyal, uncaring, and quiet. They only talk when they have to. Mikasa is loyal to Eren, and Levi is dedicated to Erwin.

Also, they may have the same uncle, Kenny Ackerman, who is also known as “Kenny the Ripper.” They were shocked by the news, so Kenny asked Mikasa if she was related to him. Mikasa didn’t know the answer, so she said the Ackermans had been mistreated.

In Attack on Titan, it’s unusual to see two characters with the same last name who aren’t shown to be related. Levi and Mikasa are not brothers or sisters, but there is evidence that they are distant cousins. Especially now that they know they have the same power as Kenny.

Also, Levi asked Mikasa if there had ever been a time when she felt a sudden surge of power. When she confirms this, he says that he and his uncle Kenny went through the same thing, which suggests they are related.

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