Helluva Boss Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast And Plot Details!

American adult animated online series Helluva Boss was produced by Vivienne “VivziePop” Medrano. It centres on the escapades of the assassination firm I.M.P. personnel in Hell. The first episode of the first season debuted on October 31, 2020, while the pilot aired on November 25, 2019. Produced by Spindle Horse Toons, the programme. In the same way that she did for earlier animated series, Medrano released the first season just on her YouTube channel.

Helluva Boss Voice Cast:


Guest voices

Helluva Boss Plot:

Blitzo, a passionate assassin, runs Immediate Murder Professionals with the assistance of his deputies Moxxie, Millie, and Loona (I.M.P.). After accidentally shooting a child on their most recent assignment, the group is seen debating how to generate more revenue. I.M.P. debate during their meeting over a variety of issues, including Loona’s lack of contribution to the company and Blitz’s following of Moxxie and Millie after hours. In a flashback, some background information is given. Blitzo steals a book from Stolas, a Goetial demon of Hell, after engaging in sexual activity with him; the book is what enables I.M.P. to enter the human realm and execute their hits. In the end, I.M.P. receive a message from their most recent client confirming that the child was the right target after all. They kill him, and reconcile while dismembering him together.


In June 2019, Medrano claimed to be engaged in “new project” work alongside Erica Lindbeck, Brock Baker, and Brandon Rogers. She published images of the key characters in August of the same year. Kellen Goff, a voice actor, was cast in the pilot, while Medrano and Rick Zieff handled voice direction. Richard Horvitz and Medrano voice directed the first season, with assistance from the business Horseless Cowboy. The success of Hazbin Hotel, according to Screen Rant’s Lucas Bermudez, was the only factor in the production of Helluva Boss. At some point, Rogers asked Jinkx Monsoon to voice a character in Helluva Boss, but Monsoon wanted to voice “stock characters” instead, so they did so, voicing various background and one-off characters in the show’s first season.

Season 2:

The Helluva Boss Twitter account posted an update on June 3, 2022, following a delay in what was supposed to be the season 1 finale. In contrast, the update said that season 2 will begin on July 30, 2022, making episode 7, “OZZIE’S,” the season 1 finale retroactively. Instead, a solo special of the original season 1 conclusion will be released at an undisclosed later time.


Rated 9/10 on IMBD

“Ever since the pilot episode first aired on YouTube, I was already very interested on this Vivziepop (Vivienne Medrano) creation. When I found out about Vivzie’s work, it was something new and inventive than the usual adult-oriented comedy shows that air on TV.

Enter Blitzo (the O is silent), who opens an assassination business called Immediate Murder Professionals (or I. M. P.) for demons and the damned who were wronged in life on Earth. With the assistance of his fellow imps Moxxie, Millie, and hellhound Loona, they take on one target after another to please their clients.

With a talented voice cast featuring the likes of Brandon Rogers, Richard Horvitz (of Invader Zim fame), and Erica Lindbeck, there’s bound to be frequent crude and sexual content their characters entail along with so much bloody violence and vulgar language to boot. Although the crew of IMP try to get the job done in their assassination work, it doesn’t come without some humorous setbacks. Not to mention that some episodes tend to go deep in character development as well as story.

Judging by the unique characters, designs, and adult humor, I see the formula this way:

Panty & Stocking + Invader Zim + South Park = Helluva Boss

Though definitely not for little kids – despite some of the studio’s early work being kid-friendly – Vivziepop is really expanding on this world she has created and I can tell there’s no stopping her.”



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