Evil Dead Rise Official Trailer: Is There A Trailer? When Is It Coming Out?

Evil Dead Rise Official Trailer: Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead, released in 1984, was the first in the series and is widely considered one of the most influential cult films of all time due to its low budget but big impact schlockiness and gore.

Scares gave way to humor and fantasy when Raimi returned for Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness. The franchise was revived in 2013 with Evil Dead, a remake that poured buckets of blood on its viewers and quickly won over a new generation of horror moviegoers.

Evil Dead Rise Release Date: When Is It Coming Out?

The release date for Evil Dead Rise has been set for April 21st, 2023. It was planned that HBO Max would be the only streaming service to offer the sequel. Warner Bros. Discovery was merged with Warner Bros.

Evil Dead Rise Official Trailer
Evil Dead Rise Official Trailer

Hence it was released in theatres after David Zaslav became CEO. You’ll have to go to a theatre to watch it on the day of its debut because it won’t be available on HBO Max.

Evil Dead Rise Official Trailer: Is There A Trailer?

This is the first trailer for Evil Dead Rise. This is a red band trailer. Thus, it has some adult themes that some people could find offensive.

In the preview, two youngsters find the ominous Necronomicon in the basement of their building. When they read the book, the evil within it comes to life, taking possession of their mother and transforming the other tenants into demons.

The debut trailer promises an “evolution” to the Evil Dead series while still delivering the blood, gore, and dismemberment that fans of the genre have come to anticipate from the films in the series.

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Evil Dead Rise Cast: Who Is In It?

The known cast for Evil Dead Rise includes:

  • Alyssa Sutherland as Ellie
  • Lily Sullivan as Beth
  • Gabrielle Echols
  • Morgan Davies
  • Nell Fisher
  • Mia Challis as Jessica
  • Tai Wano
  • Jayden Daniels
  • Billy Reynolds-McCarthy

None of the characters from 2013’s Evil Dead are expected to return unless they appear in a cameo. Campbell is also not set to star, but it wouldn’t be too surprised if he made a quick cameo or something.

Evil Dead Rise Plot: What Is It About?

The official plot summary says, “In the fifth Evil Dead movie, road-weary Beth pays her older sister Ellie a long-overdue visit. Ellie is raising three kids in a small L.A. apartment, and Beth wants to help her.

“The sisters’ reunion is cut short when a mysterious book is found deep in the basement of Ellie’s building. This book releases flesh-eating demons and forces Beth to fight for her life as she faces the worst version of motherhood she can imagine.”

This book will be the Necronomicon, the central Book of the Dead in the Evil Dead series. But Rise is a significant change from the rest of the series. Lee Cronin, who wrote and directed Evil Dead, told Total Film, “There’s no Ash in this story, and there’s no cabin in the woods.

Those are two of the most recognizable parts of Evil Dead. “But the movie is based on the book, and there are a lot of mean and cruel Deadites in it, so I was always pretty sure I could make that move.

“It still needed a bit of claustrophobia, which worked well when moving from the cabin to the city. This is about a family stuck in their apartment in a run-down building, so it has the same rhythm but is set in a more modern setting.

But even though it’s a reboot, it’s “firmly in the universe… there are a lot of fun callbacks and direct links to the past.” “But one reason we made this movie was to make something that could add to the Evil Dead universe,” Cronin said.

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