Are You Being Taken Advantage Of By The Electric Creation Earning App?

Those unfamiliar with the Electric Creation App should know that it is a mobile application that claims that you may make tens of thousands of rupees from using it.

Many of you have probably already heard about the Electric Creation App. They say they are registered with the government and have a contract with the government in some capacity.

This fraudulent app will tell you that you only need to add money to your Electric Creation wallet. After that, you can make significant money with the app.

What Is Electric Creation Earning App?

You might have seen or heard an advertisement for Electric Creation App, an online earning app or website. They assert that anyone can make significant money using that app or website by carrying out daily duties or obtaining orders.

Fake App Link: –

Do You Trust The Electric Creation App?

No, it is not at all. There are several explanations for this, including the fact that

Website and mobile application creation that’s subpar,
There is no information about the company’s owner and founder, there is no information about the company’s complete work, there is no information about the company’s registration, there is no information about the company’s proper contact details, and there is no information about the company’s active social media handles

A significant number of negative reviews posted online, along with many more,
There are no official contact details available.
Their business address is a forgery,
Hundreds of people have complained online,

Electric Creation App Is Real Or Fake
Electric Creation App Is Real Or Fake

The Electric Creation Earning App provides a highly profitable plan. Con artists frequently employ this ruse as one of their many tools to deceive their victims.

This is not the first time that these people have perpetrated such a fraud; in the past, they have defrauded millions of people using fake apps with names such as OMG Burse, Tesla Power Bank, Planoly, TTads, Power Bank, Blackstone, 5G Magic Cube, Sun Factory Earning App, Amazon Associate Earning App, Share Power App, and others.

Electric Creation App is not an option we endorse for making money online; you should avoid using it and, under no circumstances, give them any of your personal information.

Are You Being Taken Advantage Of By The Electric Creation Earning App?

Website and mobile application with poor design,
There is no information regarding the company’s founder or owner.
The registration details could not be located, there was no proper contact information, and the complete work details could not be found.
We were unable to locate their office address, and we were unable to find any active social media handles, amongst many other things.
Please stay away from the Electric Creation App at all costs, and under no circumstances should you provide any of your personal information to the company behind it.


In conclusion, the Electric Creation App is entirely a fraudulent mobile application. We cannot stress enough that you should not put any money into the Electric Creation Account.

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