Why Did Lexi And Ben Break Up? Who Is Lexi Dating Right Now?

Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart: When Azelart was about 15 years old, Rivera began dating her. The two, who goes by the moniker Bexi, were transparent about their relationship status and promptly flaunted it on social media. They even shared each other’s YouTube videos, which is the cherry on top. Sadly, at the end of 2020, Rivera and her partner called it quits on their broken relationship. Why Did Lexi And Ben Break Up?

On November 21, 2020, Rivera posted a joint confessional on YouTube with the headline “We Broke Up,” revealing their split. The 20-year-old said at the start of the video, “I have so much respect for Ben and he’s one of the best guys I’ve ever met in my entire life. Her ex-boyfriend also insisted that there was no animosity between them and praised her as the “nicest, sweetest, funniest person” he had ever met.

When asked why their breakup, Rivera stated that they were no longer happy in their relationship; she made a point of contrasting being in a relationship in person with doing so online. She said things were more challenging because they met when they were teenagers. She emphasized, however, that they enjoyed their time together and that their breakup resulted from complications.

The Instagram model said they would put their own needs first while moving on. After the six-minute video, the ex-couples hinted at a potential future reconciliation. Before mentioning that they were simply dating at the wrong moment, they said they weren’t breaking up permanently.

How Old Are Ben And Lexi?

Some viewers were curious about Ben and Lexi’s ages after they discussed how young they were when they first started dating. Ben will turn 19 on January 10, 2021, while Lexi was born in June 2001.

In Lexi’s breakup video, Ben talked about how they started dating when he was only 15. When Lexi and Ben started dating, she was 16 years old. Even though Lexi and Ben share a passion for vlogging, they are each prepared to take on their early adult lives independently.

Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating Right Now?

Since her public breakup with Azelart, Rivera has allegedly dated many of her fellow social media users. She and Andrew Davila have a tight relationship and frequently collaborate on content, leading some online users to believe they are lovers. Dom Brack, another content creator, experienced the same thing.

Why Did Lexi And Ben Break Up
Why Did Lexi And Ben Break Up

Rivera had connections to internet star Hayes Grier in addition to her close friends. However, on March 6, 2021, the California native dispelled any relationship rumors with a YouTube video. Rivera insisted her mother grade her alleged boyfriends in the video and made it clear she had never dated them. Even yet, the TikTok celebrity admitted she was ignorant about Grier.

In the video, Rivera’s mother gave her ex-boyfriend Azelart 9.5 out of 10 ratings. She justified that she wanted to get to know him better if he made amends with Rivera again.

Did Lexi And Ben Break Up?

Lexi began to discuss her relationship with Ben. She refuted the claim that it confounds fans. Lexi explains the situation by saying that it’s unclear for them as well. Especially considering how inconsistent they were with it. They are also unsure of how to handle it. The video will therefore include an explanation. Lexi discussed how they first met three years ago.

She related how for the first six months, they didn’t communicate at all. They continued by saying that they only connected when they were on camera. They did grow closer and become buddies a little bit. They now feel that their friendship is better for them than it was three years ago. Ben continued by acknowledging that their experiences as a pair had changed.

Off-camera is different from on-camera. Ben described relationships as being a phenomenon. However, for them, being in an online relationship is a whole different affair. It is difficult and perplexing. They feel that they have developed since they were merely teenagers. Ben thought that people evolved with time. At first, making videos with one another was enjoyable. They had fun together.

The couple’s situation is problematic now that so many years have passed. Making fans pleased as well as oneself is difficult. Additionally, they feel they are failing at both parts. The complete video of Lexi and Ben discussing their relationship was leaked online and can be seen here.

Why Did Lexi And Ben Break Up?

Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera collaborated for around three years. Recurring appearances in each other’s vlogs. Discussing humorous subjects and practical jokes together. If they were crushes on one another, their admirers were quite curious. They eventually discover that they are deeply in love with one another. Anyway, ignoring the drama only increases everyone’s anxiety.

Before ending their relationship, Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera discussed it with their followers. Ben Azelart and Lexi appeared in the video “We Broke Up,” which she posted on November 22, 2020. For fans, the couple joined in.

They initially made light of the separation by making jokes about it. Finally, the couple made it clear that they respect one another and that their relationship will always be one of love and support. They dropped the truth bomb on us at the very end. The couple is indeed divorcing, as they also explain the circumstance.

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