Did Jentzen and Elliana Break Up? Are They Still Together?

Elliana Walmsley is a well-known social media influencer and YouTuber best known for her work on Dance Moms. She was born in Boulder, Colorado, and has two older brothers. When she was 18, she enrolled in the Joffrey Ballet School to begin her dance training. She even competed in the LA KAR dance competition while studying ballet. Dance Moms welcomed Elliana as a new cast member in 2016. Do Jentzen and Elliana No Longer Date?

Who Is Jentzen Ramirez?

Jentzen Ramirez, a former child actor, is now a well-known YouTuber and online star. Despite having a sizable internet fan base due to his appearances in blockbusters like Star Wars: The Next Generation and The Lurking Man, he is most known for the challenge videos he frequently posts to YouTube with his friends and fiancée. He practices karate, holds a black belt, and often uploads films of his pranks to YouTube.

Where Are Jentzen And Elliana Now

Before October last year, Jentzen introduced Elliana as his girlfriend in a YouTube video. A video was released with the caption “Introducing My New Girlfriend To My Best Friends**Secret Reveal**.” He surprised his friends by breaking the news live on YouTube. Since then, they have worked on other films, including “getting married for a day” and “living together for a day.”

Did Elliana and Jentzen Break Up
Did Elliana and Jentzen Break Up

He has been cruel to her mother in another “prank” video in addition to attempting to propose to her in one. During their relationship, just over a year passed. Below is a video of the couple professing their love for one another.

Are Jentzen And Elliana Still Together?

They are no longer together. They parted ways in November 2021. The pair announced their separation in a YouTube video titled “We Broke Up…”. They claimed the split was agonizing because they had been together for so long. They pledged to their followers that they would continue to collaborate on projects in the future.

They knew it was time to quit their relationship since it had grown toxic. After the incident, a video titled “I Spent 24 Hours Buried Alive With My Ex GIRLFRIEND |Jentzen Ramirez” was uploaded.

Did Jentzen And Elliana Break Up?

Although they haven’t revealed who they split up with, Elliana Walmsley and Jentzen Ramirez did call it quits. The explanation for their breakup was given by Jentzen in the description of his most recent video: Hey everybody, this is Jentzen Ramirez. The video I’m shooting right now is one of my most difficult productions. This is not an effort to deceive readers into reading it.

Elliana and I discuss our split and our respective reactions to it in this video. Elliana has been essential to my life for the past year, and I will always be grateful. Elliana taught me a lot, but the most important lesson was how to love someone sincerely.

Even though our love connection is over, we’ll still be friends. Elliana, thank you for being such a beautiful person in my life and Jentzen will still live. Be assured that I always will. Watch as we express our feelings and the current circumstance.

In the video, Jentzen claimed that Elliana had agreed to his plea that they continue to be best friends. They might run into each other again in the future. The possibility of a future relationship is thus left open, but right now is not the right time. Jentzen talked about finding it difficult to combine his personal life with his family, friends, YouTube, and academic obligations.

Elliana said in the video that they both knew the relationship wasn’t healthy and that her mental health wasn’t excellent right now, both of which Jentzen echoed. Then Jentzen continued to extol Elliana’s virtues, recalling their happy days together and even incorporating a romance montage.

Also mentioned were the ex-couple’s youth and the challenges of coping with a breakup in the public eye. Although it was difficult, they believed it was only fitting, considering how transparent they are about online love to inform their followers.

When Did Jentzen And Elliana Started Courting?

Jentzen started dating Elliana in October of last year after she impersonated him in a YouTube video. My New Girlfriend To My Best Friends**SECRET REVEAL** is the video’s title.

He produced a YouTube video announcing the honor and boasted about her to his buddies. Since then, they have grown many movies in which they play newlyweds who spend a day together in each other’s houses before exchanging vows. He has made fun of her numerous times, torturing her mother in one movie and pretending to propose in another.

It had been about a year since they’d started dating. When his ex-girlfriend Sophie Fergi learned of the connection, she wasn’t sure of her reaction, but she believed it came too soon after their initial encounter.

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