Naomie Olindo Weight Loss: How Did His Professional Career Begin?

It is not common for a person’s face to immediately reflect their weight loss. But it worked out for the actor Desmond Harrington, who plays Dexter! In addition, people started playing the speculating game as soon as it became evident by his appearance on season 5 of the show “Dexter” that he had lost weight.

Some other hypotheses began to circulate, including that Desmond had become ill, that he was under the influence of drugs, or that he had been operated on. Despite the widespread rumors, he proved to be completely innocent.

Desmond Harrington, an actor, best known for his roles in the movies “Wrong Turn,” “The Hole,” and “Ghost Ship,” was born on October 19, 1976, in Savannah, Georgia, in the United States. Additionally, starting in the third season of “Dexter,” he played Detective Joseph “Joey” Quinn. He also had recurring roles in “Gossip Girl” and “Dexter.”

How Much Is Desmond Harrington’s Wealth?

What is Desmond Harrington’s net worth? Sources estimate the net value of the actor, who has been acting successfully since 1999, to be $4 million as early 2019. Throughout his career, he has received countless nominations, and it is anticipated that his fortune will also grow as he pursues his goals.

How Was The Initial Year, And How Did The Professional Start?

Desmond’s childhood, family, and schooling are all largely unknown, except that his family moved to The Bronx in New York City, where he was raised. He began his acting career in 1999 when he was cast as Aulon in the Luc Besson film “The Messenger:

The Story of Joan of Arc” featured Milla Jovovich and John Malkovich and told the tale of St. Joan of Arc, a 15th-century religious martyr. Besson and Jovovich, who had previously collaborated on the Fifth Element, were reunited on the show.

desmond harrington weight loss
Desmond Harrington’s weight loss

Two years later, he was cast in the psychological horror movie “The Hole,” which is based on Guy Burt’s novel “After the Hole” and tells the tale of prep school kids imprisoned in an underground refuge and also stars Thora Birch and Kiera Knightley.

He was given another prominent role in the 2002 film “Ghost Ship,” which centers on a crew of maritime salvage workers who find an ocean liner that inexplicably vanished in 1962.

The Steven Spielberg drama “Taken,” in which he played alien abductee Jesse Keys, explores the lives of three families involved in extraterrestrial activities in some way. In the 2003 film “Wrong Turn,” Harrington was cast, which starred him alongside Eliza Dushku.

When he joined the cast of “Dexter” for the show’s third season in 2008, he landed one of his most illustrious parts. The first season was based on Jeff Lindsay’s book “Darkly Dreaming Dexter,” which follows forensic technician Dexter Morgan as he kills those who have eluded justice in his covert vigilante serial killing operation.

He also made an appearance at around the same time as a guest star on the third season of the television series “Gossip Girl,” where he played the role of Jack Bass for the remainder of the season. This show is based on Cecily von Ziegesar’s book series of the same name, which follows the lives of upper-class teenagers residing in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

How Did New Projects Start?

In addition to resuming his role on “Gossip Girl” for the final third of the season in 2012, Desmond also had a guest appearance in “Justified” that year as Fletcher “the Ice Pick” Nix. He also played a minor cameo as a police officer in the Christopher Nolan sequel to “The Dark Knight” and the third and final entry in the trilogy based on the DC Comics character Batman, “The Dark Knight Rises.”

His next significant role wouldn’t come until 2016 when he was cast as Nicolas Winding Refn in the psychological horror film “The Neon Demon,” which stars Elle Fanning and tells the tale of an aspiring model in Los Angeles who sparks a lot of jealousy and fascination in the industry. During the show’s final season, he ended his run with “Dexter” in 2013.

One of his most recent endeavors is the television series “Elementary,” where he co-stars with Sherlock Holmes as the serial killer Michael and joins NA. Most of the series is based in New York City and stars Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson and Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes.

How Is An Individual Matter, And How Does Weight Loss Occur?

It is well-known that Harrington keeps his personal affairs out of the public eye and gives very little information about them. He first connected with actress Amanda Seyfried on the set of “The Way We Get By,” and they started dating in 2012.

Their romance lasted for a year before they called it quits. Additionally, he has been romantically linked to social media star Gabbie Hanna because of a tweet she sent, albeit this story has not been proven.

Fans of “Dexter” began to notice that he was becoming significantly leaner and more chiseled sometime in the show’s later seasons.

This sparked speculation concerning his weight loss, with some suggesting that he had plastic surgery while others thought he might have a sickness. Others speculated that he might have developed a drug addiction, but he later refuted the accusations and claimed that he was eating more healthfully and had started running. He denied the claims, saying that the only thing that had changed was how he lived.

How Did Desmond Harrington Manage To Get Rid Of All That Extra Weight?

Fans have noted a significant weight drop in Desmond Harrington in the time between assignments. He appeared to have more definition in his features. His outward manifestations have become the source of speculation on the internet.

The actor ended the rumors about his weight loss by explaining that it resulted from eating healthier and exercising more. People assume he shed roughly 30 pounds, although this is not known.

The fact that Desmond Harrington appeared to be relatively thin fuelled rumors that he was ill. Some people have suggested that Desmond Harrington uses drugs. On the other hand, this information is not accurate.

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