Has Chumlee Undergone Gastric Sleeve Surgery for Weight Loss?

Chumlee Weight Loss: On September 8, 1982, Austin Chumlee Russell was born in Henderson, Nevada. When he was 12 years old, his father compared him to the walrus “Chumley” from the cartoon “Tennessee Tuxedo” because of his broad face and wide chin. This is how he came to be known as “Chumlee.” Naturally, the name stuck.

Sage, a brother, and Terra, a sister, are Chumlee’s siblings. Corey Harrison, the son of Rick Harrison and the grandson of Richard Harrison, was one of his closest pals growing up. In 1989, Richard and Rick Harrison opened the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, a short distance from the Strip.

Chumlee’s Weight Loss Journey

If you’re searching for a case study showing how lap-band surgery may perform miracles, you’ve undoubtedly already heard about Chumlee’s experience. Numerous people have been motivated to achieve the same outcomes by Chumlee’s weight loss quest. Chumlee dropped more weight than an average adult woman in her lifetime—more than 160 pounds—in only five months. She combined a regular workout routine with a healthy food plan during her weight reduction quest to help shed the remaining pounds.

Chumlee started her weight reduction journey by eating fewer calories and adding exercise to her daily regimen. She gave up fast food in favor of smoothies and other healthy choices. She started eating healthier and stopped consuming red meat. Rick, Chumlee’s spouse, even got smoothies from her. Her father’s death from pancreatic cancer just a few weeks before the start of Pawn Stars motivated her weight loss attempts.

Rick Harrison has overcome some obstacles and is back with his new weight. He’s been in the news for all the wrong reasons, yet he’s far from the bloated slob he once was. Rick Harrison was detained in 2016 on suspicion of sexual assault. The next day, he was freed on bail and had a court date.

Chumlee Weight Loss
Chumlee Weight Loss

Corey Harrison, Rick Harrison’s son who underwent gastric sleeve surgery, has shed approximately 150 pounds in only two years despite a strict diet and workout regimen. The inspiring story of Chumlee’s weight reduction journey shows how she overcame incredible obstacles to achieve exceptional body weight.

Nothing is more enjoyable than seeing someone who has shed 150 pounds! Consider watching Chumlee’s tale if you’re curious about how to lose weight and keep it off. You might be motivated to follow suit! You may read more about Chumlee’s procedure and follow his story!

After undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, former pawn shop presenter Chumlee lost over 100 pounds in only two years. He struggled to maintain his weight even when he weighed 350 pounds. He ultimately decided to get the surgery to keep his weight under control. He currently weighs 190 pounds and is healthy! You should be in the most fantastic form of your life if you’re considering this treatment.

Chumlee Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Austin “Chumlee” Russell underwent gastric sleeve surgery in February despite being born with a heavy 350-pound body. He ate less because he felt fuller in his new, leaner body. At the Andiamo Italian Steakhouse in downtown Las Vegas, Chumlee and his family celebrated the arrival of his new, healthier physique. Before surgery, he had dropped close to 40 pounds, including more than 20 pounds while on a diet.

Chumlee’s weight at the time of the treatment was 342 pounds. She had shed an additional 38 pounds after a pre-operation diet that included a sleeve and is now a size 34 in jeans. Although she has cleared a lot of weight, she wants to keep her weight under 200 pounds and have her new body for the rest of her life. She is dedicated to leading a better lifestyle.

Chumlee lost more than 100 pounds in only one year following the operation. She has always had trouble with her weight. She fluctuated by 100 pounds frequently. Then, she was working at PS 350 in January 2019. In February 2019, she got gastric sleeve surgery. A significant section of the stomach is removed during the treatment, leaving a smaller pouch that can hold food.

Chumlee wants to weigh less than 180 pounds after having gastric sleeve surgery. Additionally, he is dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle, eating wholesome meals, and working out to acquire muscle. Chumlee is on pace to maintain her weight loss by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. He may not be able to accomplish it alone, but he is supported by a large group of people. Even Chumlee documented his development with before and after pictures on Facebook.

Chumlee lost more than 160 pounds following gastric sleeve surgery. Before the procedure, she weighed about 350 pounds, although it varied from about 100 pounds at a time. Her heaviest month was January of 2019.

Chumlee Workout Plan

Chumlee, 29, started a challenging workout and nutrition plan to help with her weight loss. To stay on track with her diet and workout program, she consults with nutritionists and Chef Tanya Hijazi. She strictly follows a no-red meat diet and works out at least six days a week. Chumlee underwent lap-band surgery and has now shed 100 pounds. She is currently attempting to lose another 50 pounds.

Chumlee’s weight reduction quest has been successful despite being overweight and unsuited for the Pawn Stars season. The former Pawn Stars star now weighs 225 pounds, which is almost half his pre-surgery weight. She attributes her accomplishment to the constructive lifestyle adjustments she has made. She fluctuated up to 100 pounds in weight, but she was devoted to making long-lasting improvements and was driven to treat her health seriously.

He lost more than a hundred pounds thanks to the show Corey Harrison produced, although it’s unclear how much. He weighed 212 pounds when he made his previous attempt to lose weight, and in a year, he shed 100 pounds. Along with enjoying rap music, he just underwent surgery to get his lap band replaced with a gastric sleeve. Chumlee had a significant transformation as a result.

Outside of Pawn Stars, Chumlee has had several legal issues. He was detained in 2016 for illegally possessing a handgun. He had a three-year probationary period, yet despite his difficulties, he still contributes significantly to the program. Chumlee has employment with Rick Harrison and The History Channel in addition to Pawn Stars. The most recent controversy was a Chumlee-related sexual assault claim.

Despite the obstacles, Chumlee’s new physique is the most effective approach to shedding pounds. He still needs to lose more weight, and he’s attempting to improve his diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But he’s unquestionably moving toward a better body. He has, after all, shed 75 pounds in a year. Chumlee got in shape through exercise.

Chumlee Diet Plan

Since he was a young child, Chumlee has struggled with his weight. He has often tried to reduce weight; his peak weight was over 300 pounds. His weight gradually returned after reducing from 320 pounds in 2013 to 225 pounds last year. He eventually tried radical steps to shed weight due to his weight problems. A diet, however, has proven to be one of Chumlee’s most effective weight-loss strategies.


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Chumlee has posted many images of her metamorphosis on Facebook. Fans are awed by her remarkable makeover. It’s hardly unexpected, considering she used to enjoy fried chicken and barbecue ribs. She might only complete six episodes of her weight loss adventure. The star of the reality program also had time to speak with Pawn Stars creator Michael J. Fox. After a Covid break, the television program has been picked up for the 19th season. The episode made a four-season comeback in August 2021.

Chumlee significantly reduced his weight thanks to the regimen. Chumlee has shed approximately 150 pounds since having gastric sleeve surgery in January and feels healthy at 190 pounds. Austin Lee Russell, also known as Chumlee, has lost almost 160 pounds due to the procedure. Chumlee has varied in weight throughout the years, but he only weighs 190 pounds.

350 pounds were Chumlee’s weight in January 2019. She weighed anywhere from 240 to 350 pounds all the time. She decided to have a gastric sleeve procedure in January 2019, which left a tube-shaped pouch after removing a significant section of her stomach. Along with having the gastric sleeve procedure, she also decided to improve her lifestyle. Chumlee’s weight loss is constant, and her new pouch is the size of a banana!

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