Christina Anstead Weight Loss – How Much Weight Did She Lose?

Christina Anstead Weight Loss: Christina Haack was born in Anaheim, California, on July 9, 1983. Her first employment after graduation was in the real estate industry. This is how she met Tarek El Moussa, her future husband. The couple was highly successful until the 2008 stock market meltdown caused many real estate speculators and house flippers to fail. Tarek and Christina El Moussa nearly lost everything due to the crash. They moved from a $6,000-per-month-rent house to a $700-per-month-rent apartment. Their company, and the economy as a whole, gradually recovered.

Christina Anstead Weight Loss

Fans of Anstead’s show have recently discussed her remarkable weight reduction since the 38-year-old could thin down even after the birth of her third kid. The reality actress lost 30 pounds through diet and exercise, eliminating all the baby weight she gained during her third pregnancy with her son Hudson. We look at her food and fitness regimens, as well as how she managed to lose so much weight.

Christina Anstead Lost 30 Pounds After the Birth of Her Third Child

Christina Anstead began her weight loss quest just five months after the birth of her son Hudson. She was once seen jogging around her Newport Beach neighborhood. The reality personality claimed in June 2020 that she had lost 30 pounds, which she thought to be the entirety of her pregnancy weight. ‘I gained 30 pounds during pregnancy and was back to my pre-baby weight about five months postpartum,’ she said of her weight loss, according to the Daily Mail.

‘It’s not entirely back to where it was, and I still have some toning to go, but the number on the scale is the same as before pregnancy,’ she told Life & Style magazine. ‘I’m a jeans and T-shirt gal, so getting back into my slim jeans was my primary objective regarding actual weight loss.’

Christina Anstead Weight Loss
Christina Anstead Weight Loss

Christina Anstead lost 30 pounds in a relatively short period compared to the average rate. Despite her hectic schedule, she found time to exercise, combining her training program with healthy eating habits. ‘Because of my hectic job schedule, I was only exercising three times per week, so I attribute it to healthy eating,’ she explains.

Anstead follows a 90/10 rule when it comes to her food. ‘I follow my typical healthy eating regimen 90% of the time, but on a date night or girls’ night out, I’ll go for that slice of pretzel bread or dirty martini and not torment myself over it,’ she says.

Christina Anstead Rise to Fame and HGTV

Tarek asked a buddy to assist him in creating an HGTV audition tape that showed him and Christina renovating a house from start to finish in 2011. The footage ended up in the hands of executives at Pie Town Productions, a production business. Tarek and Christina captivated the executives. In 2012, the couple formally struck a partnership with HGTV. “Flip or Flop” debuted in April of 2013. The show broadcasts 92 episodes over seven seasons from 2013 and 2017.

On the front, Christina and Tarek would buy properties, usually middle-income houses in Orange County, and then spend several weeks renovating them to sell them for a profit. Tarek is in charge of demolition and renovation, while Christina is in order of design and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

How Much Does Christina El Moussa Make Per Year?

Christina and Tarek received a meager $10,000 per episode in the show’s early seasons. This amounted to roughly $130,000 for the season. By season three, their remuneration per episode had been increased to $40,000, almost $600,000 per season. Christina’s income had climbed to $50,000 per episode by 2019 when she landed her show on HGTV.

Christina Anstead Relationships

Tarek and Christina were married between 2009 and 2016. They are the parents of two children. Their divorce occurred shortly after an event in which Tarek fled their home after an altercation and was supposedly suicidal. Tarek stated that he was never suicidal and simply went on a trip with a gun to protect himself from wild creatures. They filed for divorce in January 2017. With their divorce, the future of their show and their co-owned real estate firm, “The El Moussa Group,” was in doubt. In January 2018, their divorce was completed.

Christina’s intimate relationship with English television presenter Ant Anstead was exposed in 2018. They had been dating since November of 2017. Christina and Ant tied the knot in December 2018 at their Newport Beach, California home. Soon after, Christina Anstead formally changed her name from Christina El Moussa. Christina and Ant revealed on Instagram in March 2019 that they were expecting their first child together.

Christina and Ant announced their divorce in September 2020. Several weeks later, she filed for divorce. Christina began using her maiden name, Christina Haack, after filing for divorce.

Christina on the Coast

Despite their conflicts, Christina and Tarek worked together to film the eighth season of Flip or Flop. Christina debuted her HGTV show, “Christina on the Coast,” in May 2019. Christina is followed while she completes house remodels in various regions of Southern California.

Christina Anstead Real Estate

Christina rebuilt her backyard in Newport Beach for the first season of “Christina on the Coast.” She paid $4.1 million for the house in 2018. Christina plans to sell the house for $6 million in April 2021. She received $5.4 million for her home.

Christina made two significant real estates moves in August 2021. She spent $2.5 million in early August on a home in Nashville, Tennessee. Christina also spent $10.3 million on a property in Dana Point, California, in mid-August.

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