Chris Christie Weight Loss: He Has Lost 85 Pounds This Year!

Chris Christie Weight Loss: Christie was born in Newark, New Jersey, to telephone receptionist Sondra A. and certified public accountant Wilbur James “Bill” Christie, both of whom received their degrees from Rutgers Business School.

His Italian (Sicilian) mother and his German, Scottish, and Irish father make up his ancestry. After the 1967 riots in Newark, Christie and his family relocated to Livingston, New Jersey, where he remained until his 1980 high school graduation.

Christie was the class president, played catcher for the baseball team, and was chosen to represent New Jersey in the United States Senate Youth Program while attending Livingston. Let’s move and read more about Chris Christie Weight Loss.

Chris Christie Weight Loss: He Has Lost 85 Pounds This Year!

Experts say that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who underwent lap-band surgery a year ago, has lost at least 85 pounds and is now a healthier weight of 230. POLITICO contacted two experts to evaluate the governor’s weight loss by comparing pictures of him from 2011 with recent photos after a constituent commented on his visibly slimmed-down figure during a town hall meeting last week.

Chris Christie Weight Loss
Chris Christie Weight Loss Chris Christie Weight Loss

Image Source: NBCnews

Internal medicine doctor Jessica Barfield, who specializes in nutrition and weight management at the Loyola Center for Metabolic Surgery and Bariatric Care in Melrose Park, Illinois, said, “I think he is improving, undoubtedly, for what I would expect at this point in the process.”

Using the images as evidence, both Barfield and David L. Katz, director of the Prevention Research Center at Yale University’s School of Medicine, concluded that Christie weighed 322 pounds and had a body mass index of about 45 in 2011.

That goes beyond the point of morbid obesity. Based on 2014 pictures, Christie looks to have slimmed down to a BMI of 33, or about 236 pounds, according to her doctors. Katz explained his estimation by saying, “I’ve determined the BMI in many patients, and you acquire an impression for it, just as we can all look at somebody and possibly estimate their height.”

Christie, considering running for president as a Republican in 2016, has not commented on his weight or the number of pounds he claims to have shed following surgery. Both doctors agreed that Governor Christie’s weight loss was consistent with what would be expected a year or so following the operation, and they predicted that he would continue to shed pounds over time.

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In a CNN interview in February 2013, former White House physician Connie Mariano expressed concern that Christie’s obesity may lead to his untimely death in office, prompting widespread media coverage. As Mariano put it, “it’s almost like a time bomb waiting to happen” if he doesn’t fix those problems before he runs for the government.

In October, Christie’s cardiologist, Rachana Kulkarni, released a letter stating that the governor “has no medical limits and is fit to serve as the Governor of the state of New Jersey.” Christie “followed a healthy lifestyle including a nutritious diet and frequent cardiovascular exercise regimen,” according to the note she wrote after having lap-band surgery.

While attending a town hall meeting on Wednesday in Ocean County, a woman complimented Christie on her appearance, saying, “By the way, you look beautiful.” The governor stated that his wife has been nagging him to go shopping for new suits but that he cannot afford to do so at this time. I have to be careful, he joked.

At the conference, Christie mentioned that he had lost a lot of weight and looked “far smaller” than before. Requests for a reaction from the governor’s office were not immediately met with a response. Here’s a look at Chris Christie Weight Loss.

Christie’s weight loss seems to correspond with New York Jets coach Rex Ryan, who reportedly advised Christie to have lap-band surgery in March 2010. Recently, Ryan mentioned that he had shed more than 130 pounds. If you think this is interesting, please share it with your friends. For more updates and the latest news regarding celebrities, Visit

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