Are 90-Day Fiance Yohan And Daniele Still Together? Do They Have Children?

A possible love connection! Is the romance between 6’7″ hot fitness instructor Yohan Geronimo or 5’10” hot 90 Day Fiance star Daniele Gates still going strong? Keep reading to learn everything we know about Yohan and Daniele’s current relationship status. 

How Did Yohan and Daniele Meet?

Daniele got a five-year break from dαting to give herself time to heal after a string of failed relationships. She took the opportunity to travel because she had an adult son who “was living his own life,” she did so frequently to the Dominican Republic because she was in a relationship with the Caribbean paradise.

Her “life changed forever” five months ago after seeing the “most beautiful man she had ever seen” walking through her hotel, she explained during the season 2 premiere, which aired on Discovery+ in June 2022.

“When I met Yohan, I felt an instant connection with him,” the yoga teacher told producers. “But it was immediately clear that our relationship would face a lot of challenges.”

Daniele returned to the D.R. a month later, where he then proposed.

Yohan and Daniele Had Problems Communicating

Daniele and Yohan knew their language barrier would be a problem, but they ignored it because they felt a strong “spiritual connection” between them. But doubts began to surface as they started to think about their future together.

“Before this week, we’ve always talked about me moving to the Dominican Republic,” the New Yorker admitted as the time for their wedding drew near. “But as we get closer, and closer to the wedding, it seems like he’s more and more adamant about him moving to New York City, which makes me really suspicious,”  Yohan told Daniele that he wanted to move to the United States to find work and provide for his relatives in the Dominican Republic.

Yohan 90 Day Fiance

Concerning their shared values, the couple has also experienced problems. Fans observed Daniele and Yohan argue in April 2023 over Daniele’s spirituality and Yohan’s rejection of a spiritual mentor’s relationship advice.

In addition to fighting over money, they were seen quarreling over who should pay the bill as their home’s electricity went out.

Are 90-Day Fiance Yohan And Daniele Still Together?

The couple made it down the aisle and are still together today despite the ups and downs.

The couple married in November 2021 and just recently celebrated their first anniversary.

“One year of marriage, a lifetime’s worth of learning,” Daniele captioned a photo gallery of their first year’s memories on Instagram. “Blessed to be able to do this together.” ON SOCIAL MEDIA, the TLC couple has been documenting their adventures while living on the Caribbean island.

“We really do live in paradise, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to escape real life — none of this is easy,” In March 2023, Daniele posted on Instagram about a trip to Punta Cana that they took. “Thanks for having us, we will def be back!”


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But that doesn’t mean the couple hasn’t encountered their fair share of challenges. Viewers of 90 Day observed their argument over Daniele’s male friendships, with Yohan having a problem with one ex.

Yohan said he felt uncomfortable with the situation, telling her that maintaining her connection was disrespectful to their relationship. On the other hand, Daniele advised him to stop being envious of her friendships outside of their connection and the men she is still dαting.

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Where Do Daniele and Yohan Live?

Yohan and Daniele reached a compromise since they are based in the Dominican Republic. In June 2022, Daniele relocated to the island in the Caribbean.

She captioned an Instagram Reel of her favorite places in New York City, “I’m terrible at goodbyes, especially when I know they’re forever…”


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However, it became evident that their differences regarding where they want to live after the couple made a comeback for season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way in January 2023.

Cameras captured Daniele leaving New York during the spinoff, but Yohan continued to think the couple would “have more opportunities” there.

Daniele’s friends, on the other hand, were against her moving to the D.R. for her relationship and called her new husband a “sanky panky”—“a man who works at a resort and is looking for tourists to come and provide them with money, and goods and visas, and take care of them and their families.”

Daniele appears to be changing her mind over time, even sharing on social media in February 2023 that she feels much safer in the Dominican Republic than in New York City.

By uploading a video of herself riding a scooter around the region in May 2023, Daniele demonstrated that she still resides in the Caribbean.

Do Yohan and Daniele Have Children?

Daniele is the mother of an adult son from a previous relationship even though she and Yohan are not parents.

Yohan was asked if his parents were expecting grandchildren when Daniele’s friend Sophy paid the couple a visit in the Dominican Republic during the spinoff.

Yohan reassured Sophy that his wife is 42 years old and getting pregnant is more complex, but Sophy remarked that his wife’s parents expect her to have children.

“I really want to have a family with Yohan, but we’ve been trying to get pregnant since we got engaged a year ago and we haven’t been successful,” During the episode on March 5, 2023, the New Yorker said. “We visited a fertility specialist and they said the chance of me getting pregnant naturally was five percent, but Yohan thinks we have much better chances.”

During the same conversation, Daniele was shocked to learn from Yohan that he had previously caused a woman to become pregnant and have an abortion.

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