Who is John Madden? Net Worth, Early Life, And Wealth Dependency!

John Madden was an American football coach and television pundit. He was the head coach of the Oakland Raiders when they won the Super Bowl. He worked as an NFL television commentator. His annual pay was approximately $10 million.

He was well-known for his endorsement of the video game series Madden NFL. He even worked as a broadcaster from 1978 until 2008 before retiring. He has also published other books. Here we will be talking about the total Net Worth of John Madden, his Career, biography, personal life, wealth dependency, and more.

John Madden Net Worth 

John Madden’s net worth was predicted to be $200 million in 2023. Most of John Madden’s income comes from his work as a football coach, commentator, and author of books.

He has also appeared in a few films, contributing to his profits. ‘All Madden,’ a documentary based on his life, is due to premiere in December. Madden played a memorable role in the history of American football.

John Madden Early Life

John Earl Madden was born in Austin on April 10, 1936. Earl Russell Madden and Mary Margaret Madden were his parents. Madden’s father was a mechanic, and the family moved to California when he was a child.

He attended a Catholic parochial school before graduating from Jefferson High School in 1954. He had always wanted to be a football player, but as fate would have it, he ended up coaching football teams.

John Madden Career

Madden aspired to be a football player and played in high school. He used to play football while at San Mateo but had to stop due to a knee injury. He went on to play with Car Poly’s Mustangs.

The Philadelphia Eagles later picked him, but he damaged his other knee during his training camp. As a result, he was never able to play professional football. He began working as an assistant coach at Allan Hancock College in 1960.

He was hired as a defensive assistant coach at San Diego State in 1963. Later 1967, he was hired as the Oakland Raiders’ linebackers coach. When the Raiders’ head coach retired two years later, Madden was named head coach.

Who is John Madden?

At 39, Madden became one of the youngest head coaches in NFL history, and the Raiders won Super Bowl II under his tutelage, making Madden one of the best football coaches in Raiders history.

He even became the youngest coach in history to win 100 regular-season games. Madden was a commentator for all major American television networks, including CBS Sports, Fox Sports, ABC Sports, and NBC Sports, from 1979 until 2003.

He even launched the Westwood One radio network in the United States. He appeared in films such as Christine and Little Giants. He has received numerous awards, the most notable of which is induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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John Madden Personal Life

Madden is married to Virginia Fields, and they have two children, Joseph and Michael. The couple is alleged to have met in a California pub. He has gained a lot of notice for his distinct delivery style, which has even earned him Sports Emmy Awards.

John Madden Wealth Dependency

Madden’s net worth is reported to be around $200 million as a result of his work as a football coach. He was also a sportscaster, and he was known for bringing in good players for the squad. He had also served as a commentator, where he publicly chastised and informed some players.

After retiring as a football coach, he made money as a commentator. Madden had also written several books about his challenges, his work as a football coach, art, and sports in general. Writing novels has also brought him money.

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