Who is Ian Watkins? How Much Time Will He Spend in Prison?

Ian Watkins is a well-known Pop Singer. Ian is also known as a Welsh singer, dancer, and stage actor, best known as a member of the British pop group Steps member.

He is also well-known for his involvement in the side project H & Claire, which he co-founded with fellow former member Claire Richards. In this article, we’ll learn more about Ian Watkins.

Who is Ian Watkins?

Ian Watkins was born in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales 1977, and is the former frontman of the Welsh rock band the Lostprophets. He is presently serving a jail sentence for 13 child abuse offenses.

The filthy ex-rocker was sentenced to pr!son in 2013 after a dramatic trial for charges including attempted rape of a newborn.

At the start of the trial, he changed his plea to guilty and acknowledged attempting to rape a fan’s baby and plotting to rape another infant. The day after the publication of Lostprophets’ final album, Weapons, Watkins recorded himself doing s*x acts on a baby boy.

Who is Ian Watkins?

At Cardiff Crown Court, the monster claimed he couldn’t recall the heinous attacks because he was a “heavy user” of crystal meth. His two co-defendants, fans who were victims’ mothers, were sentenced to 14 and 17 years in jail, respectively.

How Long Will Ian Watkins Spend in Pr!son?

As previously stated, Watkins was sentenced to 35 years in pr!son in 2013. Watkins was denied the ability to appeal his 35-year sentence a year after imprisonment.

Lord Justice Christopher Pitchford stated that his crimes were of “such shocking depravity” that the lengthy sentence was warranted. He claimed that the initial trial judge accurately assessed the gravity of his offense and that the conviction was not “manifestly unjust.”

Watkins’ sentence was increased by ten months in 2019 after he was convicted of using a prohibited mobile phone in pr!son, which he used to connect with several perverted female followers from his cell. After serving two-thirds of his sentence, he will be eligible for release.

Did Ian Watkins Get Stabbed in Pr!son?

Watkins was rushed to the hospital in August 2023 after being held prisoner by three other lags before being ”roughed up” and stabbed.

According to accounts, the siege at HMP Wakefield ended when a ”Tornado” team of specially trained riot officers threw stun grenades into the cell where Watkins was being kept.

According to one account, he was stabbed in the neck and was rushed to Leeds General Infirmary for life-saving treatment.

The heinous ex-rocker was believed to be in critical condition in a hospital. An investigation is currently underway, with the hostage-takers reportedly detained. “Watkins was attacked today by three pretty heavy-duty conmen,” a source stated.

“They grabbed him on B-wing and dragged him into a cell, roughing him up and barricading themselves in.”

“He was screaming and clearly terrified and afraid for his life.” “They put the entire wing on lockdown and then dispatched riot squads.”

“Other prisoners heard three loud flash bangs, which was when the officers entered the cell and threw grenades to stun and catch the attackers off guard.”

“It appears that the prison officers may have saved his life.” “Watkins is obviously unpopular because of who he is – and has been carrying a huge target on his back.”

“They got him on a Saturday, which is usually quieter with fewer people working, and it appears to have been planned.”

“When he came out, people heard he was in bad shape, but he’ll probably survive.” “He was taken to Leeds and was still being treated in the hospital.”

“Police are investigating an incident that occurred on Saturday at HMP Wakefield,” a Prison Service official added. “We are unable to make any further comments while the police investigate.”

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