Who Is Cole Sprouse Dating Now In 2023? Know About Ari Fournier!

Cole Sprouse favors maintaining a low profile in his love life.

The Riverdale actress was raised in the spotlight and has dated Lili Reinhart before; their relationship attracted a lot of media attention.

He felt “compelled” to confront the separation publicly in August due to the amount of “public currency” their relationship had when he and Reinhart finally parted ways in March 2020.

The relationship between Sprouse and model Ari Fournier is now very discreet. Photographers noticed the couple for the first time in Vancouver, Canada, in March 2021.

They were seen walking around the city together, holding hands. Since then, they have become official on Instagram and occasionally shared some adorable moments with fans.

By sharing numerous adorable pictures of Sprouse and Fournier cuddling, kissing, and hanging out together on Instagram in August 2022, Fournier gave Sprouse a happy 30th birthday.

“Hard to describe with a couple photos how much fun we have together & how much I love celebrating life everyday with you,” Fournier captioned the carousel post. “I’m truly the luckiest girl in the world 🤍 Happy birthday my love, here’s to 30 🎉❤️‍🔥.”

In January 2023, Sprouse and Fournier marked their second anniversary.

“2 years ??! Someone please explain to me how did it go by so fast 🫀❤️,” the model captioned a series of photobooth images of the couple on Instagram.

Sprouse complimented his relationship with Fournier in an episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast in March 2023.

“The current relationship I’m in has woke me up to what real compatibility and trust looks like in a way that I have never had before,” the actor said. “It’s been two years and some change and it’s felt like a week… It’s been incredible. I’ve never experienced this level of compatibility and it’s made me look back on my youth and go, ‘Well, you really didn’t know,’ which is nuts.”

She’s A Professional Model

Premier Model Management has a contract with Fournier, a professional model. She has been in the business since she was 15 years old and has worked on advertising campaigns for companies like Aldo, La Perla, ASOS, Nasty Gal, and others.

Who Is Cole Sprouse Dating

While her life as a model appears to be filled with travel and great fashion, as evidenced by her Instagram, she told Folio Montreal that there’s a lot more behind the scenes than most people think. “People don’t realize that it’s not as glamorous as it seems, it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance,” she said.

She’s French-Canadian

Fournier is a French speaker who was raised in Montreal, Canada. She flaunted her Canadian pride in 2019 by posting an Instagram picture of herself enjoying a hockey match at Madison Square Garden in New York. She wrote in the post that watching the popular sport in her native country made her feel “right at home.”

She Grew Up On A Farm

Despite the fact that Fournier currently splits her time between New York City and Los Angeles, the model grew up on a farm in Canada.

“I actually grew up literally riding horses out in the countryside. It was just simple. Horses, dogs, and cats, it was just the most simple childhoods,” she said in one of her YouTube videos. “Honestly I’m so grateful for that now because I live such an intense life. I’m really happy that I have a good, grounded upbringing.”

She’s An Animal Enthusiast

Fournier’s upbringing likely contributed to her passion for animals, specifically horses. The model often posts photos of herself horseback riding to her Instagram.

In February 2022, Fournier announced she had gained a new travel buddy — her Pomeranian puppy Bear. “Meet my little Bear 🧸” she captioned a carousel of photos of the pup. Bear has appeared to adapt to the model’s busy lifestyle, accompanying her on work trips and photo shoots.

She Has A YouTube channel

Fournier launched a YouTube channel while he was in isolation, and it now has over 3,000 subscribers. She made vlogs about her travels, her daily life, and cosmetic instructions.

There are presently only a few videos on the channel, and she hasn’t added any new ones since she and Sprouse made their connection known.

Sprouse Has Photographed Her

Fournier has frequently acted as his model in Sprouse’s lucrative photography career, which he pursues in addition to acting. Sprouse published a collection of images of Fournier in August 2021, the month of her 23rd birthday.

On a visit to a winery in Napa, California, Fournier posed for Sprouse in the first photo. The remainder of the images were comical and playful.

She Loves To Travel

Due to her job, Fournier has had the chance to travel regularly, and she admits that this is one of the benefits she values most. Traveling has taught Fournier a lot about persevering through difficulty, as she said in one of her YouTube videos.

“I went to China for my first modeling trip which was honestly really intense. It was quite difficult … I was kind of questioning, ‘Is this career for me? I’m not sure if I like it,’ “ she said. “And I was so lucky to have an amazing support system around me. A lot of people believed in me and kept me pushing. Then I went to Barcelona and Milan and, from that moment, I started liking it.”

She’s Received Some Online Hate For Her Relationship With Sprouse

Sprouse claimed in March 2022 that Fournier and he had seen a lot of “online abuse” from followers who are still angry about his split with Reinhart.

“Followers report everything about Ari and me as bullying, and it gets taken down pretty immediately,” he said. “Even on my other friends’ accounts, it gets taken down.”

The couple hasn’t let the criticism stop them, either, and they’ve kept up their social media displays of affection for one another. After Sprouse uploaded a naked selfie to his Instagram in June 2022, Fournier even commented.

“Good morning to my publicity team,” the actor captioned a cheeky shot of his face and bare butt. Fournier responded to the risky selfie by commenting, “How long until this gets taken down.”

She’s Supportive of Sprouse’s Career

Sprouse has Fournier’s full support in all of his professional undertakings. Fournier was there at the debut of Sprouse’s role in the HBO romantic comedy Moonshot in March 2022.

She also posted a picture of herself and Sprouse smiling on the red carpet on Instagram to express her support. Sprouse’s twin brother Dylan Sprouse and his long-term girlfriend, model Barbara Palvin, joined the pair. She captioned the photo, “Best night at the Moonshot premiere with the fam, so proud of my love @colesprouse, @lanacondor and the whole cast and team 🚀🌑 glam team✨.”

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