Who Is April Dating Ultimatum? Why Are The Cast Members of “The Ultimatum” So Young?

Who Is April Dating Ultimatum? The cast of Ultimatum has gone through a lot while filming the series. Others were left alone, as April Marie Melohn, while some managed to become engaged to their original partners, while others developed feelings for their practice spouses.

By breaking up with her, her former-boyfriend Jake Cunningham chose to travel with Rae Williams instead, leaving her ex, Zay Wilson, single at the end of the season. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Who Is April Dating Ultimatum?

Melohn, however, said that she is presently involved in a “serious” relationship with an “older” man not long after the reunion episode aired. Here is all the information you need to know about her new partner.

Who Is Ultimatum’s April Currently Dating?

Melohn recently revealed in an interview with E! News that she has moved past her romance with Cunningham and is now seeing 30-year-old real estate broker Cody Cooper. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Who Is April Dating Ultimatum? The 23-year-old referred to her new partner as “Mr. Right,” who “came along and swept me off my feet.”

He stopped my hot-girl winter when I was supposed to be having it, and now we’ve been dating for six months. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Who Is April Dating Ultimatum? Cooper is a vaporizer business owner developing the men’s luxury underwear line WOODCOX.

Melohn posted their love story to Instagram on April 14. She added the following to a video montage of their relationship: “I appreciate you being YOU. I appreciate you being the best boyfriend, partner, and friend I could ask for. I appreciate you for many reasons, and I love, respect, and adore you.”

Even though dating her isn’t always simple, she thanked Cooper for “not letting me go.” She continued, “You’re strong, enthusiastic, and persistent. “I immediately fell in love with you because I saw so much of myself and who I want to be in you. I’m grateful that you entered my life and taught me what love is.”

Cooper also shared his affection for the reality star on Instagram. “It feels like a lifetime, even though it’s just been six months,” he remarked. “In a short period, we’ve moved in together, traveled the world, celebrated holidays and birthdays with family, and done much more.

Additionally, although worrying about a reality television program, I’m happy to realize that the world adores you almost as much as I do now that it has been broadcast.”

Additionally, the two had discussed getting hitched. “Never before have I felt so loved or so joyful. I’m so confident in the relationship I’m in right now, “Melohn said at the program reunion. This person tells me they love me and can’t wait to marry me as soon as we get up each day.

Are April & Jake From “The Ultimatum” Still Friends After Their Breakup?

Melohn gave Cunningham a choice because she believed they should begin a family after two years of marriage. “I was in a long-term relationship at a very young age.

I’ve always been so in love with being a wife, a mother, and just having this family that I can take care of and protect, “She admitted to dragging her ex-boyfriend, who didn’t want to be there, into the performance. “I just said, “What are we doing here? What’s the future of this relationship? I don’t want to be a time waster. Let’s tie the knot.”

Who Is April Dating Ultimatum
Who Is April Dating Ultimatum

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Melohn admitted that she “was heartbroken” when the experiment ended and had been abandoned, but she is still “thankful” for the experience. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Who Is April Dating Ultimatum? “He seemed to be appreciative of it as well. In the end, I think we both discovered who we indeed are. We need some things that we cannot give to one another.

And that’s alright. “About Cunningham, she said. “I was devastated. I was not selected. And it made me feel a little better knowing I wasn’t being passed over in favor of another woman.” She received a call from Wilson alerting her that Cunningham left the show with Williams despite promising her he wouldn’t do that, which caused her feelings to shift.

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Why Are The Cast Members Of “The Ultimatum” So Young?

Melohn remembered the man saying, “Jake and Rae ran off with each other.” “He had just informed me that they were not doing it, and I was in disbelief. Furthermore, I was unable to respond on the phone.

I was in such distress. It’s one thing not to hurt my feelings, but I immediately hung up the phone and started crying. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Who Is April Dating Ultimatum? But just lying to my face is quite another.

I’d prefer you just to hurt me with the truth because you don’t want to spoil me.” Melohn and Cunningham frequently quarreled about how their romance ended during the reunion. They didn’t seem to leave the show amicably.

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