Who Are Lil Tay Parents? Meet Her Mom And Dad!

Lil Tay was a young rapper, influencer, and social media star. She rose to fame on social media in 2018, appearing in some videos talking about her fortune and frequently uttering expletives. The nine-year-olds films satirize rap culture, showing her flaunting wads of cash in homes and luxury cars.

Lil Tay boasted in videos that her toilet cost more than some people’s rent, smoked hookah, and engaged in rap battles with other social media stars.

She had viral Instagram videos claiming to be “the youngest flexer of the century.” She then faded from view for three years before reappearing in 2021.

Who Are Lil Tay’s Parents?

Lil Tay (actual name: Claire Eileen Qi Hope) was born into a wealthy family in Vancouver, Canada, between 2008 and 2009.

Angela Tian and Christopher J. Hope, her parents, work in the corporate world. The family first lived in Atlanta, Georgia, before relocating to Los Angeles, California.

She was a Chinese-Canadian young lady. She was not the only kid, according to information surrounding her deαth. She d!ed on the same day and simultaneously with her older brother, Jason Tian. Her mother, Tian, is a retired real estate agent, while her father is a lawyer, pilot, and novelist.

Who Are Lil Tay Parents?

Even though Lil Tay was controversial at such a young age, it did not seem to bother Tay or her family, as Tay’s mother claimed in an interview with Good Morning America that she supports whatever her daughter decides to do. Tay’s mother stated that she would allow her to pursue her ambitions.

Angie addressed rumors that she was dismissed from her real estate employment at Pacific Evergreen Realty due to Tay’s problematic online presence throughout the interview. Pacific Evergreen Realty said Angie resigned before they had the opportunity to fire her. “I didn’t get fired,” she told Juju Chang during her Good Morning America interview.

Lil Tay’s Family Confirms Her Deαth

Lil Tay was declared deceased on August 9, 2023. Her family verified the news. Her family and her older brother, Jason Tian, announced her deαth in a statement on Wednesday.

“It is with heavy hearts that we share the heartbreaking news of our beloved Claire’s untimely and tragic deαth.”

“No words describe our unbearable loss and indescribable pain.” The outcome was completely unexpected, and it has left us all stunned. Her brother’s deαth adds an unbelievable depth to our pain.

“We kindly ask for privacy during this time of immense sorrow as we grieve this overwhelming loss, as the circumstances surrounding Claire and her brother’s deαths are still under investigation.”

“Claire will live on in our hearts forever, her absence leaving an irreplaceable void felt by all who knew and loved her.”

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