Where Is Brenda Lazaro Now? In 2014, She Was Accused of Fatally Shooting Her Boyfriend!

In Coppell, Texas, in 2014, did Brenda Lazaro shoot Jonathan Crews as he was lying in bed? The Crews family claimed Lazaro shot Crews that year, according to Axios.

Even though Lazaro insisted that Crews was innocent, they steadfastly held with their disbelief that she committed suicide.

So what happened?

Jonathan’s story is retold in a new Dateline special on April 7, 2023. So did Lazaro shoot Crews? Did he die by suicide? Where is Lazaro now?

Where Is Brenda Lazaro Now, And What Happened To Jonathan Crews?

After getting married, Brenda Lazaro now goes as Brenda Kelly. Following Jonathan’s passing, the Crews family launched a civil case against Kelly, claiming she killed him in a jealous frenzy.

Brenda wasn’t charged with any criminal conduct, the Axios article states. But anything she said while testifying in the civil lawsuit may be used against her in a criminal trial.

Where Is Brenda Lazaro Now

Kelly refused to respond to any of the questions posed by the Crews family counsel while testifying in court in 2022, claiming the privilege against self-incrimination.

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Kelly’s reported battle with jealousy during her relationship with him was used as evidence against her. The legal team for Crews reportedly asserts in the Axios article that Crews even intended to end the connection with Kelly, telling his pals the day before he passed away that he would pack up her possessions and put a stop to things.

On February 2, 2014, Crews was discovered shot de@d in his bed. After Crews’s passing, Kelly claimed that Crews had killed himself to demonstrate his love for her.

According to the Dallas Morning News, a local police investigation could not establish if a self-inflicted gunshot wound or a homicide caused Crews’s de@th. The Crews family, however, was never persuaded that Jonathan’s de@th was indeed a suicide.

Brenda was judged accountable for Crews’ de@th following a three-day civil trial in 2022. The jury’s verdict about the cause of Crews’ de@th resulted in a $206 million damage award to the Crews family.

Crews’ story will be told in a two-hour Dateline special on April 7, 2023, titled, “Behind Door 813” (Crews’s apartment number).

Per the Dallas Morning News, Jonathan’s mother Pam Crews wanted the truth about her son’s de@th straightened. After the trial ended, Pam said, “I just wanted the record clear for Jonathan …. I’m satisfied.”

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