Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Liposuction & Attractiveness Shifts?

Wendy Williams, a beautiful black woman, is not afraid to say what she thinks. She is not shy about letting her audience know she has had extensive plastic surgery. Since her career took off, she has been very open about her personal life on the radio. She received a lot of attention from her fans after she revealed she had breast implants on her nationally syndicated radio show.

As long as they were on display, she had ample breasts, but admitting that they were fake took a different type of courage. She said she had liposuction so she could wear smaller clothes. Achieving her ideal weight and shape was a breeze with this method.

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She underwent this procedure 15 years ago, long before becoming famous for her talk program, The Wendy Williams Show. She insists that she hasn’t had any cosmetic procedures done for the show, including rhinoplasty, cheek implants, face fillers, or lip injections. But it seems we have found proof of the opposite.

Wendy Williams Before And After

Wendy Williams is the ideal illustration of how to become well-known without receiving a golden ticket. As a former top radio sensation and talk show whiz, Wendy has delivered the most recent celebrity rumors and trending topics while donning amazing costumes and gorgeous hair.

Wendy Williams isn’t shy about revealing that she’s had a few surgeries, and she even told her 9-year-old son why she got breast implants. As a large kid, Wendy was never comfortable in her skin, so she grew up, shed weight, and graduated to a full cup bra size! She has received a lot of criticism for appearing fake and unnatural, but she doesn’t seem to care since she is routinely spotted in bikinis and Instagramming her new appearance.

Wendy Williams Is Performing A Terrible Chevalier Duty

Wendy’s breasts have been widely discussed for a long time. To be very frank, she has never attempted to keep her boob job a secret from anyone (not that she could anyway, provide her huge bust size). Thus, they are not the real deal. She’s had boob job surgery before instead of breast augmentation.

The most incredible thing to us is that she has helped everyone with their weight for so long without complaining of back pain. Her prosthetic breasts look disproportionately huge in the 2017 bikini photo below, given her trim shape at the time. Intriguingly, she may soon have a breast reduction.

Nose Job Wendy Williams


The BEFORE shows more of Wendy’s nose tip and nasal bridge than the AFTER, which only shows the results. Even though she all appeared to be in good shape on both sides, the bone tissue in her bridge was substantially thinner. Caused the apparent decrease, we favor the alternative. We think Wendy may have gotten a nose job to change her appearance.

Wendy Williams Is Getting A Makeover

Wendy has never spoken publicly about using anti-aging procedures on her beauty, but we believe we have found proof that the talk show queen uses anything than face cream to keep the wrinkles at bay. As can be observed in the comparison of the two images above, she had crow’s feet and small wrinkles around her eyes before the procedure.

Those parts look like they’ve been loosened and raveled by a facelift. It’s standard practice for women to obtain Botox injections after undergoing a facelift to smooth out the skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Liposuction Wendy Williams

Wendy is the first to say that she has had lipo in the past and that she does not have a naturally slender body. However, as seen on the left side of the shot, as mentioned earlier, she appears to have put on weight again in the years leading up to 2012. Because of her dedication to her diet and exercise routine, she has been able to keep the weight off ever since.

Although she lost a lot of weight through diet and exercise, we think she also had a second lipo. If her waist and tummy are already relatively small, it’s possible that she’s had plastic surgery to make them further smaller.

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Wendy’s Attractiveness Shifts

We can see how Wendy has changed physically and cosmetically from her teenage years. To see if she has had any additional plastic surgery that we could have missed, we’ll be taking a close look at her eyes, forehead, cheekbones, and chops.

In the Beginning

There was a time when Wendy Williams was younger. She’s the fat type, and her youth makes her especially vulnerable to rapid weight gain. While she may still have some baby fat around her face and jaw, a glance at her broad shoulders and muscular arms gives you an idea of the shape she’ll have as an adult.

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