Who is Victoria De Angelis Dating Right Now?

Victoria De Angelis Dating: As a member of Måneskin, Victoria is at the top of the rock music world right now, but not much is known about her personal life. When this was written, it didn’t look like Victoria was officially dating anyone.

In interviews, she hasn’t said anything about being in a relationship, but her Instagram page might give some clues. There, she posted several pictures with one Josè Tomas Ayerbe Lombardi. But neither one of them has said if they are dating or just friends.

Fans have long thought that Victoria and Damiano David, also in her band, are dating, but that is not the case. Since 2017, Damiano has been dating author Giorgia Soleri (@giorgiasoleri_ on Instagram).

On January 19, 2023, Måneskin hosted a mock wedding where all of the band members were married to each other. This made the rumors that the two were dating even stronger. Damiano and Victoria kissed at that ceremony, but it seemed like a publicity stunt.

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Even though Damiano and Victoria aren’t dating, it’s clear that they have a strong connection. Wikipedia says that the origins of Måneskin go back to when the group was in middle school. Victoria and her bandmate Thomas Raggi got along well at the time, so they decided to work together.

The three of them met Damiano when they were all in high school in Rome. He then joined the group. Ethan Torchio joined the group after responding to a “drummer wanted” ad they posted on Facebook. Victoria and Thomas may have started putting together the band in 2015, but they didn’t become Måneskin until 2016.

This happened because the group had to sign up for Pulse, a band competition, and needed a name. Victoria, half Dutch, was asked to think of some random Dutch words. She then said “Måneskin,” which means “moonlight” in English, and the rest is history.

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