Trevor Lawrence Net Worth: How Much Money Will He Have In 2022?

Trevor Lawrence Net Worth: William Trevor Lawrence is a National Football League Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback. He was born on October 6, 1999. (NFL). He is thought to be one of the best college football prospects.

As a freshman at Clemson, he won the 2019 National Championship Game and set the school record for quarterback wins. In the 2021 NFL Draft, the Jaguars took him first.

Where Was Trevor Lawrence Born & Raised?

Trevor Lawrence Net Worth
Trevor Lawrence Net Worth

William Trevor Lawrence was born on October 6, 1999, in Knoxville, TN. Later, he went to Cartersville High School in Cartersville, Georgia, where he played football and basketball. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution named him player of the year in 2016 after he completed 250 of 406 passes for 3,904 yards and 51 touchdowns as a junior.

He threw for 3,655 yards and 43 touchdowns as a sophomore and 3,042 yards and 26 touchdowns as a freshman. Lawrence led the Purple Hurricanes to 41 straight wins from his sophomore to his senior year. During that time, they won two state titles, four regional titles, and many national high school player of the year awards.

In 2017, Lawrence beat Deshaun Watson of Gainesville, who also played for Clemson, to break the Georgia state records for passing yards and touchdowns. Lawrence was a five-star recruit and one of the best quarterback prospects from high school ever. On December 16, 2016, he promised to play college football at Clemson.

Trevor Lawrence Net Worth: How Much Money Will He Have In 2022?

Trevor Lawrence is expected to have over $1 million net worth. He got a good deal with the Jaguars as a rookie. It was worth $36.79 million. At the end of his four-year contract, he will be paid $24.1 million.

His rookie contract says he will average about $6.7 million a year. Trevor Lawrence also makes money from his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. He makes around $3 million yearly from social media and endorsements.

Trevor Lawrence’s current contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars pays him about $9.198 million yearly. Trevor Lawrence’s contract says he will make at least $825,000 in 2022. His cap hit is $8,362,156, and his dead cap value is $20,909,175.

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What Is The Personal life of Trevor Lawrence?

Lawrence believes in Jesus. His long, blonde hair makes him stand out. Lawrence married Marissa Mowry on April 10, 2021. He had been seeing her since high school. Chase is Lawrence’s older brother. He is an artist, and Trevor has posed for him before.

In 2021, Lawrence was one of several well-known athletes and celebrities who were paid to talk about the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. In November 2022, FTX filed for bankruptcy, which meant customer funds worth billions of dollars were lost.

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Lawrence and other spokespeople for trying to sell unregistered securities. In February 2022, in a case against Bitconnect, the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals said that the Securities Act of 1933 applies to targeted solicitation on social media.

How Did Trevor Lawrence Start His Profession?

Lawrence started his freshman year at Clemson behind Kelly Bryant on the depth chart, but they both played the same amount of time in the season’s first games. After four games, head coach Dabo Swinney made Lawrence the new starter.

After that, Bryant said he was going to transfer schools. Lawrence led Clemson to an undefeated regular season, a 42–10 win over Pittsburgh in the ACC Championship Game, and an invitation to play in the College Football Playoff.

The Tigers were ranked No. 2 by the College Football Playoff, and in the 2018 Cotton Bowl Classic, they beat No. 3 Notre Dame 30–3. They made it to the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship game, where they beat Alabama 44–16.

This was Alabama’s worst loss since Nick Saban took over as coach. Lawrence was named the Offensive MVP of the game and became the first true freshman quarterback to start for a national champion since Oklahoma’s Jamelle Holieway in 1985.

Lawrence threw for 3,280 yards and 30 touchdowns during the season. The Touchdown Club of Columbus gave him the National Freshman of the Year and the Archie Griffin Award. He also won the award for ACC Rookie of the Year.

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