Tommy Dorfman Plastic Surgery Transformation!

An American actor named Tommy Dorfman gained notoriety for playing Ryan Shaver in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. He was raised in a Jewish home and is a native of Georgia. 2015 saw Tommy graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in theatre from Fordham University.

He is also one of many activists who fight for the rights of the LGBTQ community and is openly gay. Andi Dorfman, a participant on The Bachelorette, has a biological cousin named Tommy.

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Tommy Dorfman Acknowledges She is Transgender

In 2016, Tommy Dorfman, a fresh graduate of Fordham University’s drama program, was a bright newbie to the acting industry. Soon after graduating from college, the young twenty-something struck it rich when she was chosen for the central part in Netflix’s original teen drama 13 Reasons Why. According to IMDb, Dorfman played Ryan Shaver from 2017 to 2020. Although Dorfman was dressed as a man in this situation, she maintains that other trans women could tell she was a woman.

Tommy Dorfman
Tommy Dorfman

In an interview with Laura Brown of InStyle, Dorfman stated that “[Being a woman] is all I’ve known on the inside, even though I’ve had the chance to walk in a male body. Trans women were always clocking me and asking, “Hey, girl, what’s up?” since it is a prevalent phenomenon. When Brown heard Dorfman’s claim, he said, “Huh. What, like a pheromone? Perhaps,” Dorfman said.

You can tell when other women do it because I’ve done it to other people. Transgender people simply seem fantastic in the end. Finally, Dorfman found the wisdom and bravery to embrace and adore herself after speaking with more experienced trans women.

Before Tommy Dorfman Underwent Surgery

Last year, Tommy Dorfman revealed to the world that he was transgender. On July 22, 2021, Dorfman, who was 29 then, posted pictures from a Time magazine photo shoot where she was seen wearing a range of magnificent gowns and high heels on Instagram to share the news. I’m looking forward to making a new first impression as the lady I’ve become. In the article, Dorfman introduced herself as “She/Her” and thanked Time for running her tale.

In particular, she expressed gratitude to “every single trans person who traveled this road, broke down barriers, and risked their lives to live openly and radically as themselves before me.” I want to convey my gratitude to all the trans women in my life who have supported me in finding my identity, coming to terms with who I am, and learning to stand up for myself.

Early life and Education

Dorfman was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, where he was born. Andi Dorfman, who appears on The Bachelorette, is her cousin. Dorfman earned a B.A. in theatre arts from Fordham University’s acting school in 2015.


After graduating from college, Dorfman was chosen to play Ryan Shaver in the 2017 Netflix thriller 13 Reasons Why. She collaborated on creating a clothing line with ASOS that year, and in October, GLAAD recognized her with the Rising Star Award.

In the Danya Taymor-directed production of Jeremy O. Harris’ play Daddy by The New Group, Dorfman made her Broadway debut in the spring of 2019.

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Personal life

Dorfman is a gay man. Dorfman and Peter Zurkuhlen got engaged in April 2015 and wed on November 12, 2016, in Portland, Maine.  Dorfman disclosed that she and Zurkuhlen had split but remained friends in July 2021. Dorfman came out as non-binary and started using their pronouns in November 2017.

Dorfman emerged as a transgender woman on July 22, 2021, and she started using pronouns. She acknowledged that she had been “privately identifying and living as a woman” for over a year before the interview.

Dorfman stated that she made the decision to keep her birth name, Tommy, in remembrance of her mother’s brother, who passed away when Dorfman was just a month old, and to which she feels “extremely linked.” Dorfman declared her homosexual identity in April 2022.

The Evolution of Tommy Dorfman

Dorfman was just 24 years old when she was cast in “13 Reasons Why” and struggled with her gender identity. Contrarily, Dorfman was compelled to “compartmentalize” the portions of herself that had identity doubts due to her portrayal of a gay, cisgender man in the controversial but well-liked teen drama series, which debuted in 2017.


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She expressed her gratitude to the show’s writers and added, “For me, I feel like I kind of got imprisoned in time for a minute,” after learning she had been cast in part. “Nah, that’s not for now,” I said in response to “anything surrounding dysphoria or gender, or whatever had already been present.”

Dorfman told Bilson that she had been sober since she was 21 years old and compared her first year of sobriety to her first year of coming out as transgender. She clarified that whatever she does at this time is public knowledge.

Dorfman alleged that “I felt like I had to perform all those things again” as a woman. As a result of changes in my body brought on by things like hormones, I now face new difficulties. A year before her interview with Time in 2021, Dorfman completed a personal transformation. The comment, in her opinion, served as a “reintroduction to me as a woman.”

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