The Allman Brother Who Married Cher: Why Did They Split After Nine Days?

The Allman Brother Who Married Cher: Gregg Allman and Cher were two of the most well-known musicians in the world when they established themselves as a power couple in the 1970s, but their journeys to stardom were very different.

According to the Herald-Tribune, Gregg Allman redefined Southern rock with his band, the Allman Brothers Band, whose drug-fueled antics served as the basis for the film “Almost Famous.” Likewise, now we can see people searching for The Allman Brother Who Married Cher. Their raw style, influenced by blues and country music, helped “At Fillmore East” and “Brothers and Sisters” become best-selling records.

However, they were struck by early tragedy when Duane Allman, Gregg’s older brother, and guitarist, was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1971, according to BBC News. Likewise, now we can see people searching for The Allman Brother Who Married Cher. Berry Oakley, the band’s bassist, died in a startlingly identical incident less than a year later.

Cher was already well-known when Gregg’s music career started. In the middle of the 1960s, she and her husband, Sonny Bono had a smash hit on the charts called “I Got You Babe,” which solidified her status as a cultural icon.

According to the Archive of American Television, the network offered them a variety show named “The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour” after Fred Silverman, the chief of programming at CBS at the time, watched one of their nightclub performances.

After her marriage to Bono ended, Cher launched her solo career because she became a well-known household figure for her comedy skits and singing performances. It didn’t take Cher long to fall in love with a particular rough-around-the-edges rocker.

Was She Dating David Geffen When She First Met Greg Allman?

Gregg Allman and Cher initially locked eyes at an Allman Brothers concert, but there was a problem. Likewise, now we can see people searching for The Allman Brother Who Married Cher. Cher and David Geffen were dating at the time, and he was trying to get Cher out of her contract with Sonny Bono.

In a 2012 Extra interview, she admitted to being “wild” about Geffen and referred to herself as “exactly the ideal person for him” at the time. Cher was hesitant to commit to Geffen, although he was a romantic. She said, “I had just been married.” I was so terrified.

Cher attended his show with Geffen, but Allman was instantly smitten. “My vision was blurry. In his book, “My Cross to Bear,” he claimed, “I didn’t see anyone else in the place save her.”

I had already seen David Geffen several times while he served as Jackson Browne’s manager. Still, I made no effort to acknowledge him or anyone else. Allman remembered being “rude” to Geffen because Cher’s presence left him “blinded.”

What Was Their Disastrous First Date?

Gregg Allman was instantly enamored with Cher, but he didn’t show her a good time on their first date. Likewise, now we can see people searching for The Allman Brother Who Married Cher. He described how they got into Cher’s blue Ferrari and traveled to a friend’s house, where Allman ended up using heroin in “My Cross to Bear.” He “nodded out” in the restroom, leaving Cher downstairs.

About 20 minutes later, when he finally woke up from his drug-induced coma, the rocker asked her what she wanted to do next. Cher retorted, “I want to get the f*** out of here as soon as possible. Likewise, now we can see people searching for The Allman Brother Who Married Cher. According to Josiah Howard, author of the book “Cher: Strong Enough,” she later described their entire first date as “absolutely horrible.”

Why Did Greg Allman Become Dependent On Drugs?

Cher was still oblivious to Gregg Allman’s extensive drug usage, although his heroin use had spoiled their first date. During the honeymoon period, the musician decided to be honest early in their relationship.

In “My Cross to Bear,” he stated that “there was one problem: she didn’t know that I was a hop-head.” “I told her, “Look, I’ve got to tell you something,” when I woke up one morning. I have a drug addiction.”

In response, Cher devised a strategy to assist him in quitting his drug use: they would obtain some Quaaludes for him with the help of a “doctor friend’s” prescription, and he could “simply sleep through” any withdrawal symptoms.

According to Allman, Cher was “very delighted” that he had been honest with her, although her treatment plan had failed. He recalled she was “very upbeat” and promised to stand by him despite his drug use.

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When Did The Singers Get Married In Las Vegas?

Cher decided to propose one Sunday morning. “Well, listen, my dear buddy, Mr. Harrah has sent us down on his private plane. According to “My Cross to Bear,” she told a dozing Gregg Allman, “I was thinking we’d go over to Vegas and get married.” He continued, “Let me tell you, I was awake then.

According to the biography “Totally uninhibited: Likewise, now we can see people searching for The Allman Brother Who Married Cher. The Life and Wild Times of Cher,” Cher’s sister served as her maid of honor, and both of the singers’ managers attended the impromptu ceremony at Caesar’s Palace.

Despite being one of the most well-known couples in America, Allman claimed that the couple made an effort to maintain “as low profile as possible.” Their crew fabricated a notion that the wedding of another prominent celebrity, “My Way” vocalist Frank Sinatra, would occur on a different floor of the hotel and casino to aid them.

Cher and Allman could obtain their marriage license and sneak upstairs for the wedding because the media was preoccupied and searching for Ol’ Blue Eyes.

Why Did Gregg Allman And Cher Split After Nine Days?

When Cher filed for divorce while her admirers were still processing the news of her marriage, the headlines surrounding their hurried Las Vegas wedding only increased. Likewise, now we can see people searching for The Allman Brother Who Married Cher. Even for a marriage involving a famous person, this one was brief.

When Cher discovered the “rig” Allman used to do heroin, she was upset, according to “My Cross to Bear,” and she immediately left to have divorce papers prepared. Maclean’s reported that she filed the paperwork after nine days of marriage, while Allman asserted that it took her just four days to make up her mind.

She explained to the media why they had previously broken up, saying, “Gregg and I have made a mistake. Likewise, now we can see people searching for The Allman Brother Who Married Cher. And I’ve always thought it’s best to own up to mistakes as soon as possible.

When Did Gregg Allman’s Group Disband?

Fans of the Allman Brothers Band never warmed up to Cher, as People noted in 1976. Many even said she turned into a “Yoko” figure who disbanded Gregg Allman’s band. However, he defended his wife in the face of such claims.

Allman’s drug usage and the band’s financial difficulties contributed to their split. Still, the other group members regarded him as a “narc” for testifying in court that their previous road manager, Scooter Herring, had provided them with drugs.

The Allman Brother Who Married Cher
The Allman Brother Who Married Cher

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Cher said, “Gregory makes a fantastic villain since he’s used narcotics. “When it was the other way around, they behaved as if he had converted his road manager into a drug dealer. People don’t want to believe that, but it does occur throughout the United States.”

When Cher linked up with Sonny Bono once more in 1976, her business life put a strain on her marriage to Gregg Allman. The reunited ex-couples performed the same sketches on “The Sonny and Cher Show,” their second variety show, giving them a fresh opportunity to make jokes about their split on camera. But it was only around for two seasons.

Allman didn’t appear to be a vast Bono fan. The rock star charged that the other man saw Cher as a “gold mine” and exploited her to advance his career in “My Cross to Bear.” Allman criticized Bono’s musical ability, saying that “without her, he would have been nothing – he certainly never would have become a politician.”

According to “Totally Uninhibited: The Life and Wild Times of Cher,” Bono approved the new man in Cher’s life and claimed that Gregg Allman “is not the evil guy.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Cher’s variety performance with her ex ultimately “was too odd even for Allman.” Allman and Cher’s marriage was once more on the verge of dissolution when he reversed roles and asked for Cher’s divorce, but the news that she was having a boy pulled them back together.

Who Is Elijah Blue, The Son Of Gregg Allman And Cher?

Gregg Allman and Cher brought their son Elijah Blue Allman into the world in 1976. Elijah is a musician as an adult now. Likewise, now we can see people searching for The Allman Brother Who Married Cher. When he was 13 years old, Kiss vocalist Gene Simmons, who dated Cher in the late ’70s, reportedly handed him his first guitar.

Elijah has been candid about how his upbringing wasn’t ideal, although he followed in his parent’s footsteps. He recalled his anger at being sent away to ET, saying, “When you go to boarding school at seven years old, it’s kind of hard to feel like you’re not being shunned.” It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right, but I’m at an age where I’m learning to accept it.

Collaborative Album:

Cher and Gregg Allman began debating whether they should combine their musical skills after becoming one of the most well-known couples in the music business. And they decided to carry out their plan in 1977 by putting out the album “Two the Hard Way.”

The duo advertised themselves as “Allman and Woman,” but neither Cher nor the Allman Brothers fans liked the pun. BBC News released a damning review from the 1979 Rolling Stone Record Guide: “It’s challenging to think of a worse pairing… Gregg has hit rock bottom after a protracted decline, and Cher is doing more of the same.”

When discussing the album, Allman didn’t hold back either. He acknowledged “sucked” as a record in “My Cross to Bear.” The artist claimed that, aside from “one, maybe two excellent songs,” he deemed the album unlistenable in a letter titled “It Bit the Dust, and It Didn’t Sell Worth a S**t.” He also admitted that Cher’s voice didn’t appeal to him.

I’m sorry, but she’s not a very good singer. I was grateful that she never asked me what I thought of her singing, Allman said in his essay. “I tried to convince her that she should sing the same way she talks since she has the most seductive voice. Good God, if she sang as she talked.”

Why Did Cher And Gregg Allman’s Tour Have To Stop Earlier?

Following the release of “Two the Hard Way,” Cher and Gregg Allman embarked on a tour hampered by frequent altercations between their fans and Gregg Allman’s drug and alcohol use. In “My Cross to Bear,” Allman outlined the striking contrast between his audience, which would show up to concerts wearing denim and backpacks, and

Cher fans, would dress formally and anticipate a vaudeville-style performance akin to her Sonny Bono days. He recalled the final night of the tour: “It was just after that — the tuxedos versus the backpacks, because I suppose the Allman Brothers outnumbered the Sonny and Chers — that Cher came to me, and the poor woman was just bawling.”

Did They Stay Close Even After Their Divorce?

Despite the disarray of their union, Cher and Gregg Allman had a loving relationship over the years. Six marriages later, two of Allman’s ex-wives are still in touch with him. In “My Cross to Bear,” he disclosed that Allman was married six times.

Cher is “charming,” he said in 2012, explaining why he found her so easy to open up to. “I still talk to Cher now and again,” he added. “She has an open and broad mind, and we were also much in love with her. But having that kind of relationship with my prior spouses has been challenging, “He disclosed.

Did Cher Pay Tribute After Gregg Allman’s 2017 Passing?

Gregg Allman passed away from liver cancer in 2017 at 69. After years of battling ill health, the singer “died away quietly at his home in Savannah, Georgia,” according to the artist’s family, as Rolling Stone reported.

They stated that Gregg thought performing on the road with his brothers and solo band for his devoted fans was “vital medicine for his soul” at the time. Likewise, now we can see people searching for The Allman Brother Who Married Cher. Even in the most trying circumstances, playing music encouraged and kept him going.

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