How Much Is Stan Kroenke Net Worth? How Did He Make His Money?

On July 29, 1947, in Columbia, Missouri, a baby boy named Enos Stanley Kroenke entered the world. His father ran the lumber business in the tiny unincorporated town of Mora, where he grew up.

Kroenke’s first job out of high school was sweeping the floor of a lumber yard. At age 10, he was given responsibility for keeping the books. After graduating from Cole Camp High School, Kroenke went on to play baseball and basketball and run track professionally.

Who Is Stan Kroenke And What’s His Net Worth?

Forbes estimates Denver Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke’s net worth to be $12.9 billion. Kroenke also owns several other professional sports teams in the United States.

Indeed, in addition to his position as chairman of the aforementioned Kroenke Sports & Entertainment group, Kroenke is also the proud husband of Ann Walton, heiress to the multi-billion dollar retail empire Walmart.

Stan Kroenke Net Worth

Kroenke grew up in the sleepy Missouri town of Mora, where his father ran the Mora Lumber Company, where Stan worked his way up from sweeping floors to becoming the company’s bookkeeper.

He played basketball, baseball, and track and field at Cole Camp High School, where he eventually graduated. From there, he planned to earn a living as a busboy at Mizzou while he studied at the University of Missouri.

In an exciting turn of events, Stan’s father eventually loans him $1,500 to invest in a small clothing store. This investment would be the first of many for him.

The wealth of Stan Kroenke was disclosed in the following tweet by Gunners:

However, the relationship he started with Ann Walton after meeting her on a ski trip in 1971 was perhaps the most significant investment he ever made. Just three years later, Kroenke would wed the daughter of Walmart co-founder Bud Walton.

How Did Stan Kroenke Make His Money?

Kroenke established his real estate development firm, the Kroenke Group, in 1983. The decision came less than a decade after he married into the world’s wealthiest family, effectively speeding up his path to extreme wealth.

To clarify, many of the Kroenke Group’s shopping centers included Walmarts, which undoubtedly boosted the family’s already impressive $224.5 billion fortune.

In 1991, he started another real estate development company called THF Realty. The corporation maintains its relationship with Walmart while owning many businesses in the southern United States. Its current market value exceeds $2 billion.

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