How Much Is Sean Kingston Net Worth In 2023?

Kisean Paul Anderson was born on February 3, 1990, but most people know him as Sean Kingston, his stage name. He is known for songs like “Beautiful Girls,” “Fire Burning,” “Take You There,” and “Eenie Meenie,” which he made with Justin Bieber.

How Much Is Sean Kingston Net Worth In 2023?

Sean Kingston is a rapper who is both Jamaican and American. He has a net worth of $500,000. He is best known for songs like “Eenie Meenie,” “Beautiful Girls,” and “Fire Burning.” In the middle of the 2000s, Sean was found on MySpace.

Sean Kingston Net Worth
Sean Kingston Net Worth

This was the start of his career. Kingston’s songs and albums did well on the US and UK charts after he signed a record deal. As of 2020, he was still putting out music. Aside from his music, Kingston is known for his money problems and legal troubles.

Even though Sean is a well-known musician, he has had trouble keeping track of his money over the years. Documents from the court eventually showed that he was in terrible shape from 2016 to 2017.

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What Are Sean Kingston’s Financial Issues?

In March 2014, Kingston’s Mercedes Benz G-Class SUV was taken away because he was three months behind on the payments. This led to rumors that he was having money problems. A week later, his Bentley was taken away from him in front of a hotel in Hollywood.

Sean’s Lamborghini was taken away on July 28, 2014, after he parked it on the street near Hollywood and Vine. It was said that Kingston hadn’t paid for the Lambo in six months. His money problems kept going on.

Several jewelers soon said Kingston had not paid them for the things they had sold him. One jeweler in New York named “Aqua Master” sued Kingston, and a judge sided with him and told Sean to pay him more than $300,000.

Aqua Master said Kingston owed money for nine pieces of jewelry he did not pay for. Aqua Master said that Sean had put down a $1,000 deposit but had not paid the rest of the money.

A jeweler in Florida had sued Kingston before, saying that Sean had not paid for $48,000 worth of items. In 2015, another New York jeweler named Avi Da Jeweler sued him. After not paying for some watches, Kingston was told to pay Avi $356,000 in damages.

After Kingston didn’t pay the total price for a luxury watch, Avianne Jewelers allegedly locked him in a car, drove him to a remote area, and then dumped him outside. In this case, the jewelers took back the watch before Sean said he had been kidnapped.

At least one of these jewelers was in the such dire financial shape that he couldn’t pay the money Kingston owed him in court. So, there were rumours that Sean’s music royalties could be taken away to pay off at least one jeweler for the more than $300,000 he owed them.

Kingston also didn’t pay his lawyers during this whole thing, which was terrible. After denying in public for months that he was broke and had legal problems, he was forced to say it in 2017.

This happened after he posted on social media that he had bought a house and a new car to show how rich he was. Sean didn’t say on social media that he had no money left, but he did say in court papers that he only had $500 in his bank accounts.

One lawyer finally reached a deal with Kingston that included $20,000 every few months. But Kingston didn’t make these payments, so they broke the contract. Sean had to go back to court. The rapper was held in contempt of court because he didn’t fill out a financial form.

Kingston said at this point that he was living with his mother. He also said that he did not own any land or cars. Many of his accounts had negative balances, and he seemed to be only getting a one-time payment of $2,000.

In December 2020, a warrant was issued for Sean’s arrest because he was accused of not paying his tab, which led to grand theft charges. According to TMZ, Kingston did not pay for several new pieces of jewelry that he had delivered.

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