How Was Sarah Jake Successful In Losing Weight?

Sarah Jakes Roberts, the first lady of One Church International, has a highly healthy diet and exercise routine. She promotes body confidence and has spoken at motivating events. Despite having experienced internet bullying, she claims to have triumphed.

She prides herself on telling her experience to the millions of people that follow her and is a healthy eater, exerciser, and writer. Her book, The Biggest Lies in Your Body, outlines why her weight loss strategy is so successful.

Why Did Sarah Jakes Have Health Problems?

Health issues have plagued Serita Jakes for a very long time. When she was first married, she was hurt in a vehicle accident, which caused her weight to balloon out of proportion. Despite surviving the collision, her mother passed away from a rare illness.

After ten years of toxic relationships, she started to have trouble losing weight. She was compelled to seek medical care in 1982 due to her health issues. She was advised by a friend to follow a healthy diet and exercise routine to reduce weight.

Successful author and speaker Serita Jakes is. In 1981, she tied the knot with Bishop T.D. Jakes. At the time, she was a part-time pastor in Charleston; later, she was a full-time pastor. The picture showed a marked increase in her weight. It earned tens of thousands of likes and touching comments. Before making any dietary adjustments, people considering a diet and exercise plan are urged to speak with their doctors.

Serita Jakes is a mother as well. She has two twins and five other kids. In Texas’s Dallas, she resides. She has four grandchildren as well. Despite all her difficulties, Serita Jakes has managed to stay a strong, healthy lady. Look no further if you’re seeking a simple and successful diet and exercise plan. These celebrities are inspiring people to have longer, healthier lives. For everyone to be healthy and happy, the earth needs more people.

What Was The Way Sarah Jakes Lost Weight?

Despite her excellent weight-loss method, the typical individual may not be able to afford it. However, if you identify as a Christian, you must follow the diet plan. After all, the pastors’ wives frequently deal with the same problems as their kids. It is crucial to understand that Serita Jakes is an example to follow. You’ll have a better chance of succeeding in a healthier lifestyle if you have a good and healthy mindset.

How Was Sarah Jakes Successful In Losing Weight?

The singer and public speaker lost weight successfully, but she never claimed to have any undesirable body growth. She appeared in earlier pictures wearing a black blazer and skirt. Her weight has decreased dramatically, as evidenced by the comparison shot, which also reveals her importance to have reduced significantly.

sarah jakes weight loss (1)
Sarah jakes weight loss (1)

A discussion regarding the efficacy of diets for preventing obesity and maintaining bodily health has been ignited by this image, which has gotten tens of thousands of likes and touching comments from followers.

Sarah Jakes has never been secretive about her battle with weight. She has never made any public comments about having an ugly growth on her body. She has previously spoken openly about her struggle with drug addiction and her history of abusive relationships.

She has been successful in all of these battles. She has also been transparent about her difficulties with self-image. She lost nearly thirty pounds of body fat over the past few years, regaining her thin form.

Sarah Jakes has never discussed the unwelcome growth of her body in public, but she has been candid about her battles with drug usage and weight loss. She has also admitted that she struggled with being overweight in her thirties after being overweight as a child.

She eventually outgrew this, and as a result, she now has a far healthier body than her forefathers. She has a weight loss strategy since she is a confident lady who no longer fears ruining her career.


Losing extra body fat is the first step to reaching a healthy weight. Making sure you are fit and healthy is the first step. You can get started by making improvements to your health. Maintaining it will be simple if you follow a good diet and workout routine. After losing weight, you’ll be astounded at how much better you’ll feel and look. Your goals will be easier to achieve the sooner you get started on them.

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