Santiago Mora Bahamon: Who Is Laura Londo’s Husband?

Santiago Mora Bahamon: Things are not like that in real life, although the fictional character plays involved in an intense relationship with Levy. The Colombian artist, who is 33 years old, has been blissfully married to Santiago Mora for approximately nine years. Mora is a filmmaker who won her over.

The pair is quite open about their love for one another and their tiny family, which will soon have another member thanks to the couple’s pregnancy with their second daughter.

Who Is Laura Londo’s Husband?

Laura and Santiago Mora Bahamon tied the knot at the end of 2018, following a courtship that lasted for five years. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Santiago Mora Bahamon. The woman’s husband, who was born in Medellin, is a well-known filmmaker who currently works at the Film University Foundation in Argentina and has been employed as a director at ‘Gorgona Films since 2012.

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How To Meet Someone Santiago Mora Bahamón?

The two people got to know one another at a film festival in Cartagena, Colombia, when a mutual acquaintance played the role of Cupid for them.

They didn’t like the fact that they introduced us. Therefore it made them unhappy. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Santiago Mora Bahamon. The following year, a buddy, we both had in common reintroduced us to each other and asked, “Do you remember each other?” This was something that the model mentioned in an interview on Canal RCN as well.

When Mora entered Londoo’s life, everything changed, although Londoo had never dared to make plans for his wedding. In the present day, they are already parents to a young lady named Laura, and they are expecting another child.

“You are the man I look up to the most, and if I had my choice, I would have married you a thousand times over.” Let’s laugh together for the rest of eternity,” were the words the actress wished for her husband in August of the year 2020.

Who Is Laura Londono?

Laura Londoo is an artist born in the city of Medellin in Colombia. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Santiago Mora Bahamon. She is 33 years old. She began her career as a model at 10, working closely with the fashion designer Angel Yanez. Six years later, he joined the firm and began working on catwalk and magazine catalog photography with Roxanne in France.

Santiago Mora Bahamon
Santiago Mora Bahamon

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Upon his return to Colombia, he enrolled at the University of the Andes to pursue a degree in architecture. Subsequently, he relocated to New York and began taking acting classes with Tatiana Vargas. She participated in various artistic workshops when she was younger, including cAnton, ballet, and piano, and developed an early interest in the theatre.

When Did Start Carrer Of Londoño Artistic?

The actress made her first appearance on film in the Mexican serial “Professionals at your service” in 2006. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Santiago Mora Bahamon. The following year, she gave life to the character of Elisa in the Mexican production of “Victoria,” From that point on, he didn’t stop working on shows until he had done more than ten of them, not counting his entry into the film industry.

His books “Without Breasts There Is No Paradise,” “El Capo 2,” and “La Ley del Corazón” contain some of his most remarkable contributions to literature.

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