What is Robert Herjavec Net Worth? How Many Awards Has He Received?

Robert Herjavec is a businessman, investor, and television personality born in Canada on September 14, 1962. At the age of eight, Robert Herjavec moved to Canada from what is now Croatia. It was difficult for Herjavec’s family, especially his father, to grow up in the old Yugoslavia.

The family patriarch frequently spent time in prison for criticizing communism. One of the reasons the family decided to look for new chances in Canada was because of this. The family arrived with just $20 and one piece of luggage.

When they eventually relocated to Toronto, Robert enrolled in school while his father worked in a neighboring factory. When Robert first came, he hardly knew any English, and his classmates frequently made fun of him.

In addition, he battled with being in a lesser socioeconomic class than many other Canadians. After moving, the family spent more than a year living in a basement.

Robert earned his degree from the University of Toronto in 1984. His undergraduate degree didn’t reflect the reality that he would go on to become a significant entrepreneur.

He graduated from college with a degree in political science and English literature. Robert found himself waiting tables, delivering newspapers, and working various minimum-wage jobs to maintain his family because these skills weren’t instantly relevant to well-paying jobs.

What is Robert Herjavec’s Net Worth?

A $200 million net worth businessman, investor, and television personality, Robert Herjavec is from Canada. Because of his involvement with the well-liked reality business TV program Shark Tank, Robert Herjavec is best known.

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Robert and the other “Sharks” on the show evaluate startup business proposals and ideas put forth by competitors. He also made an appearance in the Dragon’s Den season in Canada.

In addition to his work as a television personality, Herjavec is a truly prosperous businessman. One of the most famous success stories of an immigrant to Canada, the venture capitalist, founded an astonishing company centered on internet security.

How Many Awards Has Robert Herjavec Received?

In the field of Technology, Robert Herjavec received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Ontario in 2012. Herjavec received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for Outstanding Service to Canada in the same year.

Robert Herjavec Net Worth

How Much Did Robert Pay for His Toronto Mansion in 2000?

Robert purchased a $7 million property in The Birdle Path, a posh area of Toronto, in 2000 while still married to Diane Blese. In March 2020, he sold this house for $17,4 million.

Robert purchased a house in Hidden Hills, California, for $14.6 million in 2019. He sold this house in February 2021 for $17.25 million. In May 2021, he accepted $17 million.

Robert was identified as the purchaser of a 6,200-square-foot New York City condo in the One57 building in July 2021. Robert purchased the apartment for $34.5 million, far less than the $45 million the property had initially requested.

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The difference between Robert’s $34.5 million and the seller’s 2015 purchase price is almost $13 million. The fact that the sale was represented by Robert’s “Shark Tank” co-star’s real estate company, The Corcoran Group, maybe the most significant!

Robert purchased a brand-new mansion in Hidden Hills in January 2023. His brand-new estate, which cost $26 million and is 14,700 square feet, is situated on 7.4 acres.

Additionally, Robert and Kym reside in Robert’s hometown of Toronto and a holiday home in Newport Beach, California.

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