What Is Reba McEntire Net Worth? When Did They Sell The Beverly Hills Property?

Reba McEntire was born in 1955 in Kiowa, Oklahoma, and began her career as a rodeo performer while still a teen. Reba enrolled initially at Southeastern Oklahoma University with the intention of eventually pursuing a career in elementary education.

Outside of school, she performed in public places. She completed the National Anthem at the National Rodeo in Oklahoma City one evening during her sophomore year.

Red Steagall, a country music musician, found Reba after the concert after being incredibly moved by her voice. In 1977, Red took Reba to Nashville, Tennessee, where she made a demo recording. The demo cassette convinced Mercury Records to sign Reba.

In reality, she returned to school and finished her degree, receiving her diploma in December 1976. She returned to Nashville to begin songwriting for her upcoming debut album just one month later. Her debut single only reached #88 on the Billboard Country chart, which was disappointing.

In August 1977, Reba released her first album by herself. It didn’t achieve commercial success. A top 20 hit from her second album, Out of a Dream,” from 1979, was a rendition of Patsy Cline’sSweet Dreams.”

What Is Reba McEntire’s Net Worth?

With a net worth of $95 million, Reba McEntire is an American actress, singer, songwriter, producer, and country music performer. Reba has sold more than 90 million records worldwide as of this writing.

Reba McEntire Net Worth

She has acted in a number of films, most notably in her own series from 2001 until 2007 called “Reba.” She has more #1 albums than any other female country musician to date with 16 releases.

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When Did Reba And Narvel Sell The Beverly Hills Property?

Reba and Narvel spent $9 million on a 2-acre Beverly Hills property in 2003. They sold the property, which includes a 9,000-square-foot mansion, for $22.5 million in 2015, around the time of their divorce.

Reba McEntire shared on Instagram:


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Additionally, they owned Starstruck Farm, an 80-acre farm in Gallatin, Tennessee, 30 minutes northeast of Nashville. The property includes a 12,800-square-foot lakefront home, a sizable pool, a pool house, equestrian amenities, and tennis courts.

They put the house up for sale for $7.9 million in September 2016. It lingered on the market until July 2017, when a developer purchased it for $5 million.

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