Rasheed Thurmond Cause Of Death: What Exactly Happened To Him?

Rasheed Thurmond was a young writer, comedian, and media personality who gained fame for his funny cutting-edge comedy based on his experiences as a survivor of the streets of Brooklyn, NY.

Rasheed was born on January 28, 1971, in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, to his mother, Elizabeth Thurmond, and his strict father, whose name has yet to be revealed.

In the meantime, his father worked as a train conductor and his mother as a token clerk. On Vermont Avenue, he was reared alongside his four siblings. In this article, we’ll learn more about Rasheed Thurmond’s Cause Of Deαth.

Rasheed Thurmond’s Deαth

Rasheed Thurmond’s deαth shook the entire world, and his family is still fighting to cope. Rashid was a famous comedy star in the 2000s. He was proud to have survived the streets of Brooklyn, New York.

Rasheed Thurmond Cause Of Death

He also acquired his laid-back humor by observing the difficult neighborhood streets and the varied ethnicities surrounding him. He is said to have gotten most of his fans through Def Comedy Jam and Diddy’s Bad Boys of Comedy. He also once performed live at The Apollo.

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Rasheed Thurmond’s Cause Of Deαth

Rasheed Thurmond, a comedian, d!ed of a heart attαck at 36. Although comedian Rasheed Thurmond died 15 years ago, his performances are still available on YouTube.

He was an ambitious comic from Brooklyn. He suddenly d!ed at his Queen’s residence on November 27, 2007. Rasheed left behind a large family, three young daughters, and an unfinished career. Even 15 years after his death, people still miss him and his concerts.

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Thurmond and his four siblings were also supposed to be born in eastern New York. It was a difficult upbringing, knowing how he was raised by his strict train conductor father and token clerk mother. The late comedian will be remembered as a Brooklyn native proud of his hometown.

Furthermore, each time he arrived, he made the audience laugh with his comments. Many people believe he would have been one of the greatest comedians if still alive.

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