What Was Raquel Welch Net Worth? How Much Real Estate Does She Own?

On September 5th, 1940, Raquel Welch (Jo Raquel Tejada) was born in Chicago. Her mother was English-born, while her father was a Bolivian aeronautical engineer.

She describes going to church every Sunday with her mother in her book. Her formative years were spent in San Diego, and she competed in and won multiple titles in the California beauty pageant circuit, including Miss San Diego.

She married her high school boyfriend after earning an honors diploma, went to San Diego State College on a theater scholarship, and graduated with distinction.

Despite having roles in a few local plays, she quit theatre classes after landing a job as a weather forecaster on the local news channel.

What Was Raquel Welch’s Net Worth?

Raquel Welch, an American actress, singer, model, and entrepreneur, had a $40 million net worth at the time of her passing. On February 15, 2023, Raquel passed away at 82.

After starring in the legendary deer skin bikini in the 1970 film One Million Years B.C., Raquel Welch rose to the ultimate sex idol (1966).

Raquel Welch Net Worth

She has had a varied playing career, appearing in Broadway plays, feature films, and television productions. She is recognized for shattering the 1950s Hollywood stereotype of the blonde bombshell sex icon.

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How Much Real Estate Does Raquel Welch Own?

Raquel Welch spent $2 million on a house in Beverly Hills, California, in 1997. Jeff Foxworthy, a comedian, was the vendor. She then carried out a substantial and extensive renovation.

Raquel sold this house for $4.5 million to reality television doctor Robert Rey in 2005.

She acquired a second Beverly Hills estate in 2001 and lived there as her primary residence for the rest of her life. The estimated value of this house is $4–$5 million.

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