Who Is Patty Gasso Husband? How Many Kids Does She Have?

Patricia Marie Gasso, an American softball coach for the Oklahoma Sooners, was born on May 27, 1962. Since 1995, she has served as the University of Oklahoma’s head softball coach. With a career record of 1,456-345-2 and an 808 winning %, she has guided the Sooners team to seven national championships.

She was a softball player at California State University in addition to coaching. After working as a coach at Long Beach City College for four years, Patty joined the University of Oklahoma.

Gasso made the OU softball team a national power, solidifying her position as one of the finest collegiate softball coaches.

She led Oklahoma to six national championships and fourteen Women’s College World Series appearances.

The National Fastpitch Coaches Association Hall of Fame accepted Patty. When Oklahoma defeated East Carolina in 2015, it became the group’s famous coach’s 1,000th victory.

Who Is Patty Gasso Husband?

Jim and Patty Gasso initially connected at Long Beach State University. He and Patty were wed on June 21st, 1986. Jim, a defensive back in football, and Patty, a junior shortstop on the softball team, met via their shared love of sports.

Together, they attended classes while they worked on their physical education degrees. Patty and Jim moved to Norman after getting married when Patty obtained a job at Oklahoma University.

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But because the income was lower, Jim moved back to Fullerton, California, to pursue another coaching job. As Jim left for California, Patty was ready to quit her job and move in with her husband.

Gasso led the Sooners to a national championship for the first time in the program’s history, earning a pay raise.

Patty praised Jim for mentoring her and keeping her grounded as she was honoured by being inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

Who Is Jim Gasso?

Intensity Sports Training Academy is owned by Jim and is located in Norman, Oklahoma. He was raised in Los Angeles by his father Roberto. Jim used to be an assistant for the baseball team at Bishop McGuinness. Additionally, he has volunteered to coach Patty’s team’s strength and conditioning.

Patty Gasso Husband

After making an impression as an assistant coach for a baseball club, he was hired to lead the Irish softball team. After Gary Savely, the athletic director, notified Jim that the team needed a new softball coach, Jim indicated an interest in the role.

How Many Kids Does Patty Gasso Have?

Patty Gasso’s offspring In the Oklahoma University softball complex, JT and DJ Gasso grew up.

JT and DJ both play sports and share a passion for softball. The firstborn child of Patty and Jim is JT.

Patty claims that her elder child knows every player’s number that she has ever coached by heart.

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Inside Patty Gasso Family Life

Janet Froehlich, the mother of Patty Gasso, was a central services technician. She was born in Los Angeles, California, on May 27, 1962.

Throughout childhood, Patty played softball with her mother, two siblings, and friends. Since they lived adjacent to a sizable park with a softball field, Janet, a single mother, taught her three kids how to play the game of softball.

According to Gasso, her mother is the source of her love for coaching. Patty and her siblings and brother used to receive strict orders from Janet when they were little.

They used to be instructed by Froehlich to play at Normandale Park until she returned from work. She would even call the park’s management to inquire if he had seen her children.

Patty and Janet used to like watching sports together. The Sooners coach owes all of her lessons and inspiration to her mother.

Ava June Gasso, Joseph Gasso, and Grace Gasso’s grandmother Patty have their own family.

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