Paola Franchi: Why Did She Have To Face Another Tragedy?

Her tale starts with unadulterated ambition and ends with betrayal, retaliation, and murder. Here is information regarding Paola’s current life that is crucial to understanding the significance of her role in the narrative.

Who Is Paola Franchi?

When Maurizio Gucci was killed in 1995, Paola was a courting interior designer. They were introduced when they were little children, and although they lost touch as they grew older, they reunited in 1990 after the dissolution of each of their respective marriages. They moved in together and started planning their wedding in a very wealthy apartment in Milan.

The Guardian reported that Paola said of her relationship with Maurizio, “We fell in love immediately. Maurizio used to tell me that we are two halves of the same apple. Sadly, they were never able to go as intended down the aisle.

Near his office building, a hitman ultimately shot and killed him. Patrizia, his ex-wife, and four others were accused of the crime. The love of Paola’s life was lost, although justice was carried out.

Paola and her ex-husband, Giorgio Colombo’s 16-year-old son, died by suicide a few years later, in 2001. Paola endured two severe blows in the space of a decade. She decided to start L’amico Charly in honor of her late son. She admitted that she has pictures of Maurizio and her son all around her home in her autobiography L’amore Spezzato.

“I prefer to have their faces around, to say hello,” she wrote. It sounds like a challenging endeavor to get past the grief of what she’s been through. Paola didn’t receive any of Maurizio’s wealth because they weren’t married when he passed away. The relationship, in her opinion, was always genuinely about love rather than money, although the media portrayed her as a fashionable gold seeker.

Where Is Paola Franchi Now?

Paola had a successful career as a model and interior designer before meeting Maurizio. Before he passed away, her acute sense of style and design made it easier for her to connect with him on a deeper level.

She wrote her memoir L’amore Spezzato, which translates to “broken love” in English, after losing both him and her son. Since the release of House of Gucci, more people than ever have been interested in reading Paola’s book to learn more about all that transpired with her late boyfriend.

She is now unmarried and hasn’t started a new relationship since Maurizio’s passing, according to OtakuKart. She might spark up a connection at some point in the future, but right now, it’s clear that’s not her priority. She’s been through a lot, accused of using Maurizio for his money, losing him in a homicidal conspiracy, and then losing her son to suicide.

What Happened To Paola Franchi?

Paola and Maurizio were not married when he passed away. Thus she was not entitled to any of his riches. Camile Cottin performed Paola. When Maurizio Gucci passed away, the Italian interior designer Paola was dating the Killing Eve actress. “Ni Dera next time,” Paola’s son passed away.

Paola Franchi gradually moved on after the death of Maurizio Gucci. But in 2001, she experienced yet another tragedy when Charlie, the 16-year-old son of her ex-husband Giorgio Colombo, committed suicide.

Paola Franchi
Paola Franchi

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Franchi utilized L’Amico Charly, a foundation they established in his honor, to help her cope with the loss of her son. Franchi claimed that Charlie was typically a cheerful child. His suicide was, therefore, surprising. We think it was a moment of teenage irrationality. The organization works with experts and psychologists to stop suicide, particularly in teens.

Who Is Paola Franchi Dating Now?

The Italian interior designer is presently unmarried. At the time of Maurizio Gucci’s murder in 1995, Paola and Gucci were dating. After their separate marriages fell apart in 1990, the two old friends reconnected. When Gucci’s divorce from Patrizia Reggiani was finalized in 1994, the couple moved into a lavish apartment together in Milan and started preparing for their weddings.

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Why Did Paola Franchi Have To Face Yet Another Tragedy?

After the passing of Maurizio Gucci, Paola Franchi gradually moved on. But in 2001, she suffered another setback when Charly, her ex-husband Giorgio Colombo’s 16-year-old son, committed suicide. Her son’s death saddened Franchi, and she used L’Amico Charly, a foundation they founded in his honor, to help her cope.

According to Franchi, Charly was usually a happy youngster. Therefore his suicide was unexpected. She remarked, “We believe it was a flash of teen craziness. The foundation collaborates with professionals and psychologists to prevent suicide, especially among teenagers.

Franchi decorates her house with pictures of both Gucci and his son. She said, “I prefer to have their faces around, to say hello. Her memoir, “L’Amore Spezzato,” which translates to “broken love,” was published in 2010. She discusses her relationship with Gucci, her son’s suicide, and how she overcame grief through her artwork in the book.

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