Moosa Mostafa Age: When Did He Come Into This World?

Moosa Mostafa Age: Moosa Mostafa is a British actor who made his debut in the film industry in 2018 with the movie “Nativity Rocks!” He played a member of St. Bernadette’s Class in the film. Moosa has also demonstrated his talent by playing Nas in the comedy television series “The Last Bus,” which is available on Netflix.

Moosa Mostafa is a native of London, located in the United Kingdom. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Moosa Mostafa Age. He was born in 2009. As of the year 2022, Moosa Mostafa will be 13 years old.

How Old Is Musa Mustafa, And When Is His Birthday?

A young actor named Moosa was born to Muslim parents in London, England, in 2009. Therefore, although he is of English descent, he possesses British citizenship. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Moosa Mostafa Age. In the year 2022, he will turn 13 years old.

How Is The Family Of Musa Mustafa?

Moosa’s parents were Muslims, and he was born in England. She began her acting career when she was just a child. The identities of his parents remain shrouded in mystery.

Who Is Musa Mustafa’s Girlfriend?

Moosa Mostafa has not made any statements regarding his relationship that can be verified as being accurate. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Moosa Mostafa Age. It won’t be long before we alter it.

What Is The Net Worth Of Musa Mustafa?

In 2022, Moosa Mostafa will have approximately $300 thousand US dollars in net worth. The majority of his wealth is derived from his acting career.

What Are The Profession And Work Experience Of Moosa Mustafa?

Nativity Rocks!, a comedy released in 2018, was Moosa’s debut performance in the film industry. Some well-known actors and actresses appeared on screen alongside him, including Celia Imrie, Craig Revel Horwood, Helen George, Ruth Jones, Daniel Boys, and Simon Lipkin. On November 23, 2018, it was made available to the public.

Moosa Mostafa Age
Moosa Mostafa Age

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After taking a sabbatical from acting for four years, he was offered a role in the science fiction television series The Last Bus, produced in the United Kingdom by Paul Neafcy. 2922 was the year that this occurred. The whole episode of the show did not become available on Netflix until April 1, 2022, although the official trailer for the show was released on March 4, 2022.

Eugene Ottinger is his character’s name in the new horror series Wednesday, which he will play. On November 23, 2022, it will be available to stream on Netflix. He has shared supporting parts alongside Jenna Ortega, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Isaac Ordonez, and Gwendoline Christie.

Tim Burton is the executive producer of the following series, based on the fictional character Wednesday Adams, a member of the family known as The Addams Family.

What Is The Height Of Moosa Mostafa?

Moosa, who is only 13 years old, is an aspiring performer. He stands approximately 43 kg tall and is 4 feet 3 inches tall. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Moosa Mostafa Age. In addition, he possesses a set of dark eyes, and his hair is the same color as his eyes.

The only place you can find Moosa right now is on Instagram, where you may follow him under the handle @moosa mostafa_. His Instagram account has a following of more than 1,400 users at this time.

Who Precisely Is This Moosa Mostafa?

Moosa Mostafa is a well-known actress in Hollywood and on television. She currently resides in the United Kingdom. She has appeared in a wide variety of films and programs on television.

A well-known Hollywood filmmaker named Debbie Isitt was the one who discovered Moosa and cast him in the role of a child actor in her upcoming comedy film for families called Nativity Rocks, which lasted for 1 hour and 40 minutes.

When Did Moosa Mostafa Come Into Our World?

The age of Moosa Mostafa is thirteen ( as of 2022).

When Exactly Did Moosa Mostafa Make His Debut On This Earth?

The year 2009 marks the birth of Moosa Mostafa.

In Astrology, What Zodiac Sign Does Moosa Mostafa Represent?

Aries is the zodiac sign that Moosa Mostafa was born under.

What Is Moosa Mostafa’s Exact Height To The Centimeter?

Moosa Mostafa is a tall individual standing at 4 feet 3 inches.

What Nation Does Moosa Mostafa Call His Home?

Mostafa is originally from the city of London in England.

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What Is The Total Amount Of Money Moosa Mostafa Has In The Bank?

Moosa Mostafa has amassed a net worth of approximately $200,000 in 2022.

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