Has Maria Shriver Had Plastic Surgery? Botox & Facelift Surgery!

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery: On November 6th, 1955, Maria Owings Shriver was born in Chicago, Illinois. Her mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, was an activist and a wealthy and influential Kennedy family member. Her father, Sargent Shriver, was a well-known politician. Maria was born into royalty because of her ancestry, or as close to royalty as one can go in the United States. Shriver grew up watching her uncle John F. Kennedy succeed his father as President of the United States. She witnessed her uncle’s murder two years later.

Maria Shriver, raised as a Roman Catholic, finished high school in Maryland. She enrolled in Manhattanville College upon graduation, then transferred to Georgetown University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies.

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery

Maria Shriver, currently 63 years old, was born in Chicago in 1955. If you only look at her face, do not assume that she is older than she is because, in all honesty, her looks say nothing about her age if she is already in her 50s. People wonder what beauty secret she keeps to herself because she looks younger. Is that just the result of fantastic makeup? Or perhaps she underwent surgery to benefit from cosmetic surgery? Her last photos do, however, provide some evidence. You can contrast her earlier images with her more recent ones. It demonstrates several plastic surgery traces, suggesting that the rumor that Maria underwent surgery may be true.

Maria Shiver Botox Injection

Botox is a popular anti-aging procedure that effectively eliminates wrinkles. Maria appears to have utilized it as well to keep a youthful appearance. Her forehead seems toned and supple, and there are no wrinkles. Her face appears ten years younger due to her clean and fuller skin. Such a result cannot be achieved without proper cosmetics and a healthy lifestyle. Because of this, she was frequently accused of getting injections on her face.

Maria Shriver Facelift Surgery

Maria Shriver has undergone a facelift, which can be visible on her smoother face. She does not have the pale skin typical of a woman in her 50s. Her face appears to have received enough Botox injections and facelifts because she still has a natural appearance, and her face no longer has an aged appearance. She might only undergo the bare minimum of operations for her facelift and injectable. She has a more attractive appearance and a charming smile.

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Rumours

When Maria Shriver appeared in public or was filmed while working on the news, people started noticing a change in her appearance. Her nose was more substantial and rounder, making it leaner, smaller, and more pointed; the wrinkles on her aging face were less pronounced and less noticeable. At that point, admirers started to conjecture that Maria had a facelift and rhinoplasty (the nose job).

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery
Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery

However, Maria Shriver has been a mum and has not responded to these claims. It is highly possible that the NBC journalist underwent surgery to seem a little better as she grew older, as is evident from the changes in her physical appearance.

Maria Shriver Media Career

During her father’s 1972 vice presidential campaign, Shriver first developed a liking for journalism. After receiving her degree, she began working for CBS, eventually rising to the co-anchor position of “The CBS Morning News.” She co-anchored “Sunday Today” on NBC after making the switch until the decade’s end. Later, she served as the host of NBC Nightly News and Dateline NBC. After becoming the First Lady of California, she returned to journalism but eventually stopped because of a potential conflict of interest.

Following the passing of Anna Nicole Smith, she eventually lost all faith in American media and vowed never to work in it again. But in 2013, Maria re-joined NBC as a particular anchor covering American women’s problems. She occasionally steps in as a replacement anchor for “Today.”

Shriver has made appearances in various films, including “Last Action Hero,” and television shows, like “That’s So Raven,” outside journalism. The four-part HBO documentary “The Alzheimer’s Project,” for which she also acted as executive producer, was produced by her. Maria is also noted for writing some books, including the bestseller “I’ve Been Thinking…: Reflections Prayers and Meditations for a Meaningful Life.”

Kennedy Family Fortune

Maria Shriver obtains a sizeable income from inheritance and other assets/trusts established in the name of the famous Kennedy family because she is a direct descendant. Shriver undoubtedly reaps financial rewards from her ties to the Kennedy family, which is virtually regarded as a royal lineage in the United States.


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Under documents, Shriver receives income from investments such as “Vornado Realty Trust” and “Vornado Realty Inc.” These possessions are each worth $7.5 million. According to reports, solely in dividends, the Kennedys have earned more than $170 million since 1998. To postpone capital gains taxes and depreciation, the family’s financial assets are organized cleverly, employing a system that accepts partnership units rather than cash.

Maria Shriver Relationships

In 1977, Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger were introduced during a tennis competition for a good reason. The couple finally tied the knot in 1986 after a protracted engagement. The four children Shriver and Schwarzenegger eventually had were all born in Los Angeles. When Maria Shriver’s parents separated in 2011, Shriver and her husband publicly revealed the news.

Later, it appeared that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s public admission that he had fathered a second kid outside of marriage with the family maid, Mildred Patricia Baena, was the cause of their breakup. Shriver had earlier questioned her husband about the relationship when she grew concerned. Well before he entered politics, Arnold’s adulterous child was born 14 years before he made the revelation. In 2017, he and Shriver finally reached a divorce agreement.

Shriver began dating political consultant and strategist Matthew Dowd in 2013, who had previously worked on Schwarzenegger’s reelection campaign.

Divorce Settlement

According to some sources, Maria Shriver was expected to get up to $200 million after her divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is due to Arnold’s substantial wealth, which was at least twice what Shriver received from him when they divorced. Their divorce was amicably handled, and their two minor children were given separate custody.

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