Who Is Margot Robbie Husband? Getting to Know Tom Ackerley in Detail!

Margot Robbie married British film producer Tom Ackerley privately in 2016 after meeting three years before. The couple initially met on the set of the World War II drama Suite Française in 2013, where he was an assistant director and she was an actress. They started dαting the next year and married in 2016.

The married pair now works together. They co-founded a production firm with pals Josey McNamara and Sophia Kerr in 2014. LuckyChap Entertainment has produced various films and television series starring Robbie, including I, Tonya, Birds of Prey, and Barbie.

Robbie and Ackerley’s relationship is rarely discussed publicly, save from the occasional interview remark, and they live a very quiet life. Until 2023, the pair rarely appeared in public together.

The couple was spotted at the Chanel Cruise 2023/24 fashion show in May 2023, and two months later, Ackerley was by Robbie’s side for the world premiere of the Barbie movie. Here’s everything you need to know about Margot Robbie’s husband, Tom Ackerley.

Tom Ackerley’s a British Film Producer

Ackerley is a producer who grew up in Guildford, Surrey, and attended Godalming College. “I seem to love a lot of British things,” Robbie quipped in 2021 to The Mirror. “I love Harry Potter, I love my husband and I love Love Island. It’s great.”

In addition to Barbie, he has worked on projects such as Promising Young Woman, Maid, and I, Tonya.

Robbie And Ackerley Met in 2013

They met on the set of Suite Française, where she was an actor and he worked as an assistant director. A year later, they began dating. “I was the ultimate single gal. The idea of relationships made me want to vomit,” Robbie later admitted. “And then this crept up on me. We were friends for so long. I was always in love with him, but I thought, Oh, he would never love me back. Don’t make it weird, Margot. Don’t be stupid and tell him that you like him. And then it happened, and I was like, Of course we’re together. This makes so much sense, the way nothing has ever made sense before.”

Who Is Margot Robbie Husband?

They founded LuckyChap Entertainment with pals Josey McNamara and Sophia Kerr the same year they began dαting. “I’m a great advocate of doing business with your partner,” Robbie told Porter in 2018. “Getting married is actually the most fun I’ve ever had; life has become significantly more enjoyable.” I have a responsibility as someone’s wife, and I want to improve.”

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They Got Engaged and Married in a Secret

The discreet couple married in Australia in December 2016. Instead of a honeymoon, they went to work on I, Tonya, and took a delayed vacation to Tahiti when filming was over.

“We did [I, Tonya] instead of our honeymoon. There were times we were sitting in a car parked in Atlanta freezing cold being like, ‘We should be on a beach right now. We should be on a honeymoon. What are we doing?!’ Following our dream,” Robbie told Extra in 2017.

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