Is Luke Eisner Girlfriend Kirby Johnson? Are They Still Together?

Luke Eisner and his girlfriend Kirby Johnson are among the most famous couples in Hollywood.

His girlfriend, Kirby Johnson, is well-known for portraying Hannah in The Possession of Hannah Grace, and the actor is famous for playing Stig Mohlin in the 2019 film Tall Girl. The couple works hard and is talented.

Eisner is a singer, YouTuber, songwriter, social media influencer, and actor.

Kirby is talented in various pursuits, including gymnastics, dance, modeling, and cartooning.

Many people believe the pair has a strong link because they have been observing their relationship for over two years. The couple constantly supports, grows, loves, and surprises one another.

How Did Eisner And Johnson Meet?

The couple reportedly knew one another before they became famous, and Kirby admitted in an Instagram post that she was relieved when the actor asked her to be his girlfriend since she thought he had friend-zoned her.

Since they were living close to one other then, Kirby said that the couple first encountered each other in an apartment while in an elevator.

She claimed that when the actor grinned at her, she felt good. At Pizza Place, Eisner and Kirby went on their first date.

Since the actress despises cheese, she feigns to be satiated to avoid upsetting her new partner.

Luke Eisner Girlfriend Kirby Johnson

Luke thinks the actress is one of the finest companies for waiting in a line, going on a walk, or getting caught in traffic.

To complete his cowboy hat, the actress gave her partner one of her favorite collections of feathers in March 2019.

She did this to let Luke know how much he meant to her. The actress previously accompanied her lover to The Summerfest.

Many people know Eisner’s talent, which is evident in his songs.

His musical career thrives, and he frequently gets requests to play at different gatherings.

His number one supporter was at the 2019 Summerfest backstage and always there for him.

In 2019, the couple also went to New York Fashion Week, and it’s vital to mention that they have a YouTube channel where they posted a video of the behind-the-scenes activities.

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Are Eisner And Johnson Still Together?

The pair started d@ting, and their bond has only been more assertive since then. Eisner sent Kirby Johnson a heartfelt message of love on Valentine’s Day in 2022:

“I miss you even when you are in the other room. My life is a dream and your smile is the anesthesia keeping me in it. Of all the things I’ve been fortunate enough to do in my life being your boyfriend (and Instagram photographer) takes the cake. Thank you for taking your hours and making them ours. You are so supportive, hilarious, hardworking, and I mean c’mon… drop dead gorgeous. Now I’m going to get off my phone because I believe we have one more episode of H2O just add water to attend to. I love you Kirby! Make sure to follow her on tiktok and our YouTube channel. I know her well enough to know that’s the best Valentine’s gift she could ever receive ❤️ @kirby_j”


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Kirby Johnson posted a picture of the two of them in front of a Christmas tree with the caption.“Just your basic holiday couple picture by a Christmas tree 🎄 #tistheseason @lukeeisnerofficial //4:29pm” 


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They are frequently spotted together, so they launched the Luke and Kirby Diaries. On this YouTube channel, they share glimpses of their lives while on vacation, at work, or pulling practical jokes on one another.

Even when one isn’t around, the couple loves to brag about one another in interviews and enjoys playing games together.

Many people are curious about the couple’s impending nuptials because they seem strong despite having been together for over three years.

The issue is that they are both in the prime of their careers, which may have made it challenging for them to plan for the future because they were so preoccupied with their jobs.

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