Who Is Lindsey Vonn Boyfriend? Know About Diego Osorio!

Since 2021, Lindsey Vonn has been dating Diego Osorio, who created tequila.

The two were first connected when they were photographed together in New York City in May of that same year. The duo has since made a few appearances, notably at the U.S. Open.

In January 2022, Vonn spoke to PEOPLE about her memoir Rise and said she was “looking forward to a positive and healthy relationship.” In the book, she wrote, “I didn’t like who I became. I had a tendency to recede, conforming to my partner’s needs and preferences in an attempt to please them … I wanted someone to love me, to make up for the ways I didn’t yet love myself.”

The three-time Olympian skier, who withdrew from the sport in 2019, was engaged to her former fiance P.K. Subban before beginning her romance with Osorio.

However, after three years of dating, Vonn and Subban called it quits in December 2020. She also dated Tiger Woods, a professional golfer, for over three years before they broke up in 2015.

Diego Osorio, a tequila businessman and actor, is Lindsey Vonn’s boyfriend. Here’s all you need to know about him.

He’s An Actor And Documentarian

Osorio worked in the entertainment industry as both an actor and documentarian. “I was cast in television and film projects such as HotSpot: A Guide to Finding Love, “Bronx SIU,” Drug Mule and Roshambo, to name a few. I have also produced and directed several films focused on environmental and immigration issues,” he told the outlet Muse by Clio in 2022.

At the Madrid Fashion Film Festival in 2013, Osorio won for best performance in the movie Escape from Mondays.

He Is The Founder of the Tequila Company Lobos 1707

He established the premium tequila company Lobos 1707 in 2020 and is currently its chief creative officer. Years before, he and Chelsea Clinton’s husband, Marc Mezvinsky, co-founded the holding company Mezorio Spirits, where he established himself as a prominent figure.

Lindsey Vonn Boyfriend

According to a press statement the company released when it first went public, LeBron James, an NBA star, was a founding investor and stakeholder. As CEO, Dia Simms had previously worked with DeLeón Tequila and Ciroc Vodka.

His Family Inspired Him To Create Lobos 1707

Osorio decided to enter the tequila business and start his own company, mainly due to his family history. “My family has been in the business a long time,” he told Cool Hunting in 2021. “I began to do research and found the story I wanted to tell: that my great-great-grandfather — who I share a name with — was aging tequila in Spanish wine barrels as he transported it to Spain.”

He continued, “I knew that was a story that should be told, and could be told, and it makes sense in a marketplace, as well.”

The following year, he reiterated that inspiration to Gotham magazine: “Deciding to create a tequila to honor my family and his legacy while still following my passion of storytelling was a no-brainer.”

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His Tequila Brand Has Plenty of Celebrity Support

Since founding Lobos in 1707, Osorio has claimed several well-known figures among the brand’s fans.

He posted pictures from a Lobos 1707 event in February 2022 with Tobey Maguire, Kevin Hart, Adele, Daniel Kaluuya, Lakeith Stanfield, Leonardo DiCaprio, 2 Chainz, and her lover Rich Paul.

“So proud of the table we are building and the pack along the way,” he captioned the post.

He Once Dated Bono’s Daughter Jordan Hewson

Osorio discussed his friendship with Jordan Hewson, the daughter of Bono from U2, in a 2017 interview with Vanitatis. “We met in [New York] through mutual friends,” he told the publication.

Additionally, Osorio disclosed that he and Bono got along well and even loved discussing politics. He hasn’t said how long he dated Hewson, but by May 2021, their relationship had ended.

He Met Vonn Through Mutual Friends

A source tells PEOPLE that Vonn and Osorio met through familiar friends when images of the couple first appeared in May 2021. The insider stated, “It’s new and they’re getting to know each other.

The following month, Lobos 1707 tequila was served at a housewarming party Vonn gave at her new Los Angeles residence.

He’s Kept His Romance With Vonn Low-Key

Only a few times since the two began dating have seen Osorio with Vonn in photos. The Daily Mail claimed in September 2021 that Vonn went for a walk with Osorio while sporting a Lobos 1707 hoodie.

The couple visited Dr. Dre’s Super Bowl afterparty in Santa Monica, California, in February 2022. Photos provided by the Daily Mail show them holding hands as they leave the venue.

Vonn posted images from the Jurassic World: Dominion premieres a few months later. Osorio seemed absent, but the athlete acknowledged her partner by taking a picture next to a bottle of Lobos 1707.

They have also been seen together at various athletic events, including the 2022 U.S. Open when they watched tennis courtside at a Los Angeles Lakers game and an NBA Playoff game.

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