Kim Jong-un Brags About Losing 20 Kg and Getting a New Haircut That Looks Like His Grandfather’s

The supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, has a $5 billion fortune. Even though Kim Jong-un is less well-known than other international political leaders, the media has paid much attention to him. In North Korea, Kim Jong-un is known by numerous titles, such as Marshal, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, and supreme commander.

He is frequently referred to as “Dear Leader” in North Korean propaganda. Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, has been at the center of numerous disputes because of alleged atrocities his country is accused of, including torture, kidnappings, internment in prison camps, and many others.

Kim Jong Un Weight Loss And New Hair Cut

In his first public appearance in a while, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un took center stage during a military dog parade, revealing a surprising weight loss and tanned appearance.

According to the reports, pictures from the occasion were made public through North Korea’s state media late Thursday. The leader appeared in the photos with a hairstyle reminiscent of his grandpa, the country’s founding father, Kim Il-sung while donning a cream-colored suit and a silver tie. State television said that as the clock struck midnight, Mr. Kim appeared to cheers from the audience in Pyongyang’s Kim Il-sung Square.

Despite not speaking at the ceremony, he was observed cheering on the artists and grinning broadly as he watched the procession. Throughout the parade, he kissed kids who gave him flowers and cheered on the parade marchers.

Given his family’s history of heart illness and reports that he was previously overweight and an alcoholic, the 37-year-old leader has frequently been the focus of health rumors. The leader’s grandfather and father, Kim Jong-il, died from heart problems.

He is said to have shed at least 20 kg during the past few months. In June, when he finally showed up after a few weeks to call a meeting of the ruling party, the public first noticed his weight reduction. State media reported that after this presentation, many started crying after witnessing Mr. Kim’s weight loss.

Kim Jong Un Weight Loss
Kim Jong Un Weight Loss

A severe food shortage in North Korea is being felt due to last year’s prolonged drought followed by significant rain. The communist leader is also having trouble rebuilding his economy due to sanctions imposed by the US over nuclear weapons.

Yang Moo-jin, a professor at the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul, told the Associated Press, “He’s also a husband and the father of three children who is approaching his 40s, so it isn’t strange that he would care about his health. He’s probably trying to project an image of a “normal statesman.”

Kim Jong Un Early Life

Kim Jong-birthdate un’s is unknown, although according to North Korea’s official position, it was January 8, 1982. Because he was born 40 years after his father and 70 years after his grandfather, many have noted that this birthdate seems a little too “perfect,” to be honest. Kim Jong-il, the previous ruler of North Korea, was his father. Kim Il-sung, who founded the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea, more often known as North Korea today, was Kim Jong-grandfather. un’s

In addition to his father had other children with various women, Kim Jong-un was reared with an older brother and a younger sister. Kim Jong-un, like the other children of Kim Jong-il, was raised in Switzerland. He was described as bashful and attended school using a false name, but he got along well with other pupils and showed a love for basketball. He was expelled from secondary school in 2000 so that he could go back to North Korea.

Kim Jong-un then attended Kim Il-sung University, a military academy in Pyongyang, after returning home. Before he graduated in 2007, Kim Jong-un earned two degrees from the school’s military division: one in physics and one as an Army commander. He was publicly introduced to North Koreans in 2010, and his true identity was made known. He also joined the North Korean Workers Party this year in a legal capacity.

Leader of North Korea

Nobody initially anticipated Kim Jong-un taking over as North Korea’s new leader. Kim Jong-Nam, his older brother, was the obvious choice before he was discovered attempting to enter Japan with a fake passport. He supposedly desired to go to Tokyo’s Disneyland.

Kim Jong-act’s name embarrassed the North Korean government, making Kim Jong-un the new front-runner to succeed his father as the country’s leader. However, Kim Jong-Nam would subsequently claim that he was ignored and eventually exiled because he criticized the government and called for reform. Also, compared to his father, Kim Jong-un was thought to share many of his traits and preferences.

Kim Jong-un assumed his official position as Kim Jong-successor il’s as North Korea’s supreme leader in 2009. He later rose through the Workers’ Party of Korea’s ranks, eventually attaining the rank of four-star general in 2010. By 2011, the government was gathering anybody who might stand in Kim Jong-way un’s and either having them put to death or imprisoned.

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