Jenny 69: How Much Is Her Net Worth?

Despite having a sizable social media following, Ruiz has been able to keep the identity of her husband a secret. That is, up until now. It appears that Jen ny69 has revealed her hubby at last!

On Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, Jennifer Ruiz is well-known as a beauty vlogger and fashion expert under the handle Jen ny69. She targets a Latina audience with her social media updates of cosmetic lessons.

Jen Ny69: Who Is She?

Jennifer Ruiz is a Corona, California, native of Mexican ancestry. Jen ny69’s date of birth is March 11, 1994, making her 24 years old.

She was one of the first Latin American social media influencers when she started her career in the beauty blogging in 2014. Her popularity quickly grew, making her somewhat of a community representative in the online celebrity world.

She gives sage guidance on cosmetics that complement a person’s skin tone. It’s unbelievable that her parents didn’t permit her to use makeup until she was 15.

She remembered, “That was the first day I wore makeup.”

It is a Hispanic tradition when girls make their public debut as young ladies. Usually, it’s their first time donning cosmetics and high heels.

Annette Ruiz, Ruiz’s sister, is a YouTube beauty guru. She started her YouTube channel around the same time and published lifestyle videos, makeup, and hair instructions. Additionally, they frequently call out each other and feature in one other’s videos.

Manny is a boy that Ruiz is the mother. He frequently appears on her social media and has a cute appearance. Fans particularly enjoy seeing Ruiz juggle her social media appearances with being a mom to her toddler.

jenny 69
jenny 69

Ruiz published cosmetics instructions to help young Latinas choose the makeup that would look best on them. She later began documenting her day-to-day activities while adding humor and entertainment. Ruiz is sometimes accused of being vulgar, but she is not here to appease trolls!

She offers the appropriate kind of counsel that women of color can rarely get, and her tutorials are frequently educational. For instance, she strongly suggests that women with olive skin avoid wearing bright pink lipstick.

She inspires many women due to her strong representation and wit. She is relevant to many young girls and is not afraid to confront her detractors.

She occasionally even teases her fans by posting images from her sensual photo shoots. This beauty gives her followers the ideal selfie when there isn’t a photographer in the picture!

She also lacks any shame in showing her face. Jen ny69 has frequently startled her fans with the glaring contrast between her authentic self and her public character.

How Much Is Jenny 69’s Net Worth?

Due to her extraordinary appeal, Jen ny69 now has over 1.7 million Instagram followers and around 650K YouTube subscribers. She makes between $3,900 and $62,500 annually because of her YouTube fame. Her earnings from a single Instagram sponsorship post range from $2,500 to $4,300.

She has created a consultancy company for prospective social media influencers using her expertise in social media. She not only does gigs where she gives styling tips but also shows you how to shoot the most acceptable Instagram selfies.

Ruiz even offers personalized company startup guidance. Her seminars cost $65.00 for each person to attend. The VIP experience, meanwhile, will set you back $500.00.

Her accomplishment has brought her cash, and her estimated net worth is between $500,000 and $1 million!

Who Is The Husband Of Jenny69?

Despite achieving high internet fame, Jen ny69 has a secret identity.

She goes above and beyond to conceal the identity of her husband. Although he has been on her Instagram a few times, his face is usually creatively obscured, or the picture ends at his head.

In April 2017, Manny played a significant part in Ruiz and her husband’s wedding ceremony. She shared a picture on Instagram that would make everyone envious of her gorgeous dress and immaculate makeup.

On social media, a video of Jen ny69’s wedding was shared. However, the groom’s back was cleverly used to film the footage strategically. Even his head’s back was out of the picture!

Ruiz’s baby daddy may have been with another woman named Liz, according to the “Jenny69exposed” Twitter account, and the beauty guru is a home wrecker. The report even asserts that Ruiz became pregnant but mistook it for a miscarriage after having an abortion (presumably after her then-boyfriend cheated on her).

Ruiz revealed her pregnancy in 2015 before abruptly disappearing. In a March 2015 video, she claimed she had not had an abortion to silence the naysayers spreading rumors about her pregnancy.

She clarified in the same video that she had a blighted ovum for those unsure about her pregnancy (a gestational sac that develops without an embryo). Later that year, Ruiz did become pregnant, and in 2016 she gave birth to Manny.

But Manny’s father remained a nameless figure. Up to now!

The username “mannyfrescoe” on his Instagram gives away that he is Emmanuel. Only eight photographs of him hanging out with his wife on the photo-sharing app, but they all lack his face. This year’s Valentine’s Day coincided with his final post with Ruiz.

It appears like Jen ny69 is now making her boyfriend public. And we anticipate seeing him more in the future.

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