How Much Is Jennifer Coolidge Net Worth In 2023?

Actress Jennifer Coolidge was born in the United States on August 28, 1961. She primarily plays supporting characters in comic movies and TV shows. Coolidge played supporting roles in the Legally Blonde film series and the American Pie (1999–2012) film series (2001–2003).

On his mockumentary movies, including Best in Show (2000), A Mighty Wind (2003), For Your Consideration (2006), and Mascots, she frequently worked with Christopher Guest (2016).

A Cinderella Story (2004), Click (2006), Date Movie (2006), Epic Movie (2007), Promising Young Woman (2020), Single All the Way (2021), and Shotgun Wedding are some more movies she has acted in (2022).

In addition to the drama series The Watcher, Coolidge has starred on television in the comedies Joey (2004–2006), The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008–2012), and 2 Broke Girls (2011–2017).

She won a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award for her performance as the cynical affluent woman Tanya McQuoid in the HBO anthology series The White Lotus (2021–2022).

How Much Is Jennifer Coolidge Net Worth In 2023?

Jennifer Coolidge Net Worth
Jennifer Coolidge Net Worth

An American actress named Jennifer Coolidge has a $6 million fortune. Among many others, Jennifer Coolidge is well recognized for her appearances in comedic movies, including “American Pie,” “Legally Blonde,” and “Best in Show.”

For better or worse, she was best known in the late 1990s and early 2000s as “Stifler’s mom,” a reference to her role in the American Pie series. She received favorable reviews for her performance in the HBO series “The White Lotus” in 2021.

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How Did Jennifer Coolidge Start Her Profession?

In the middle of the 1990s, Coolidge made her television debut in Seinfeld’s “The Masseuse” episode. In movies like “A Bucket of Blood,” “Plumb Fiction,” and “A Night at the Roxbury,” she subsequently got a lot of small parts.

A voice part in the animated comedy series “King of the Hill” was also secured by her. When she was cast in the character of “Stifler’s mom” in the 1999 film “American Pie,” she received her big break.

The movie was a box office hit that brought in over $235,000,000 globally and brought Coolidge to public attention. Her fame grew even further when she returned to the part in “American Pie 2” in 2001 and “American Wedding” in 2003.

She also had a supporting role in the hugely popular picture “Legally Blonde,” released in 2001. Even though “Legally Blond 2: Red, White & Blonde” wasn’t quite as popular, she returned to the role.

She appeared in “Testosterone” as a supporting actress in 2003, and in “A Cinderella Story,” starring Hillary Duff, she was the selfish stepmother. She came close to landing a part in “Desperate Housewives,” which unquestionably would have boosted her career, but Felicity Huffman ended up winning the region.

However, she earned the agent position on the comedy series “Joey,” a “Friends” spinoff, which aired on NBC from 2004 to 2006. In the show’s last season, she also appeared in one of the episodes.

On the short-lived sketch comedy program “She TV,” Coolidge honed her comedic abilities even more. She kept getting featured appearances on well-known shows, including “According to Jim,” “Sex and the City,” and “Frasier.”

She provided the voice for “Aunt Fanny’s Tour of Booty” and the animated film “Robots.” When Coolidge accepted an invitation to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2005, she achieved a significant professional milestone.

She kept acting during the second part of the 2000s, appearing in “Click,” “Date Movie,” and “Epic Movie” with Adam Sandler. The starring part in “Epic Movie” was Coolidge’s debut. The satirical movie earned unfavorable reviews from critics.

She also acted in several of Christopher Guest’s mockumentary movies, such as “Best in Show,” “A Mighty Wind,” and “For Your Consideration.” Coolidge appeared in “The Closer” and “Thank God You’re Here” in 2007.

In “The Secret Life of an American Teenager,” she also portrayed a call girl, gaining a recurring role for the show’s second season. She appeared in “Soul Men” and the Lifetime Television original movie “Living Proof” the following year.

Coolidge shifted directions in 2009 by playing a dramatic role in the Venice Film Festival premiere of “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans.” In the same year, she starred in the black comedy “ExTerminators” alongside Heather Graham and Amber Heard.

She co-starred with Hillary Duff in the 2010 film “Beauty & the Briefcase,” which was adapted from the book “Diary of a Working Girl.” In “American Reunion,” Coolidge played the mother of Stifler once more in 2012.

She also started playing a recurrent part on “2 Broke Girls” and stayed there till 2017. Coolidge had a supporting role in the 2020 film “Promising Young Woman,” which was well-received when it was released.

She also portrayed one of the main characters in “The White Lotus,” which was widely acclaimed when it was published in 2021. Please forward this to your friends if you find it interesting. Visit for the most recent celebrity news and updates.


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