Tammy Bruce of Fox News Referred To Her Se*uality As A “Preference”

Those who have seen Tammy Bruce’s contributions to FOX News may be interested in learning more about her personal life, such as whether she is dating someone or married.

Yet, there is no proof that Bruce, who hosted the Fox Nation program Get Tammy Bruce and spoke with Rose McGowan on FOX News last year, is wed or even dating anyone.

The 59-year-old also appears to keep her personal life under wraps. Bruce only has one relationship listed in the dating database Who’s Dated Who? a long-term union with the late Brenda Benet.

Tammy Bruce Claims That Being Gay Is A “Choice” And Not A Se*ual Orientation!

In a 2006 interview on C-SPAN, Bruce said that she identifies as a lesbian—and that she identified as bise*ual through her 20s before she realized that she would need a woman in her life if she were with a man but wouldn’t need a man if she were with a woman. “This irks the gay elite,” she said. “For me, it is a choice. It is a preference. It’s not an orientation. … I think we are a combination of influences, of our environment. I don’t think we’re born this way.”

Is Tammy Bruce A Lesbian

She also said that her se*uality is “even stronger” because she views it as a choice. “It’s almost like if you’re adopted. Your parents made a choice to want you,” she explained. “And it’s something I feel even more strongly about because it’s conscious. I like being different, and I enjoy my life.”

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She Had A Short But Impactful Relationship With Soap Actress Brenda Benet, She Said

Bruce revealed more about her relationship with Brenda Benet in a different C-SPAN interview the same year. Brenda Benet is an actress best known for her work on the serial opera Days of Our Lives and her marriage to Bruce Bixby, who played Bruce Bixby in The Incredible Hulk.

Tammy Bruce claimed, “She was my first lesbian lover,” Tammy Bruce said. “She committed suicide in April 1982, in my bathroom. And I was 19. She was 36.” (An Associated Press obituary of Benet mentioned Bruce as the actress’ secretary.)

Bruce said in that interview that she wrote about her relationship with Benet in the preface to her book The Death of Right and Wrong: Exposing the Left’s Assault on Our Culture and Values “because, as I have said before, our histories affect how we view the world now. … I was actually engaged to be married and met Brenda—and that relationship certainly changed my life.”

Bruce also said that, after Benet’s death, the “left side of politics” would have her embrace her victimhood as her power. “As a result, of course, when your victimhood is your power, you can never really get out of it,” she added. “And so the impact of that relatively short relationship was significant. I don’t discount what it means.”

And she said that she was only writing about the relationship then because Benet, Bixby, and their son had all died. “That relationship—which was kept secret for years, many reporters guessed at it, but we kept it secret certainly, she was in a position where it wasn’t to be discussed—had a tremendous impact on the way that I view life, loss, relationships, which I still struggle with and probably always will. But I’m at least aware of it now, and face it personally as I can.”

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