Heartland Season 15 Cast: Who is The New Additions And Returning Characters?

After an agonizing wait, Netflix US now offers Heartland season 15 for streaming. On CBC, the fifteenth season began airing in October 2021 and concluded in December 2021.

The fifteenth season of the family drama took more than a year to arrive on the streaming service, so Netflix U.S. subscribers aren’t wasting any time watching it.

There are plenty of episodes to watch and enjoy in Heartland season 15, which has 10 episodes like the previous season. Each episode lasts 44 minutes and features a lot of action.

The Bartlett-Fleming family embraces the future this season, realizing new and old goals. However, they always make sure to band together and support one another.

Another thrilling and intensely emotional season has just begun, with plenty of drama, action, and touching family moments. And as soon as you’ve finished watching season 15, you’ll want to start watching season 2.

Heartland Cast

Heartland season 16 isn’t currently available on Netflix, though. At a later time, it will get it. Not to worry. Once the Netflix release date is known, we’ll let you know.

Some new cast members are occasionally added, though the main cast largely stays the same throughout the seasons. There are also a few cast members leaving. So who makes up the 15th season cast of Heartland? Learn more below.

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Heartland Season 15 Returning Cast Members

The following list includes every member of Heartland’s fifteenth season’s returning cast:

  • Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming
  • Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer as Lyndy Marion Borden (Amy’s daughter)
  • Michelle Morgan as Samantha Louise “Lou” Fleming Morris
  • Chris Potter as Tim Fleming
  • Shaun Johnston as Jackson “Jack” Bartlett/Grandpa Jack
  • Jessica Steen as Lisa Stillman
  • Kerry James as Caleb O’Dell
  • Madison Cheeatow as Jade Virani
  • Gabriel Hogan as Peter Morris
  • Michelle Nolden as Jessica Cook
  • Aidan Moreno as Rick Adderly
  • Ava Tran as Parker Yang
  • Alisha Newton as Georgie Fleming Morris
  • Adrian Spencer as Cooper Hues
  • Nathaniel Arcand as Scott Cardinal
  • Kate Drummond as Paula Westfield
  • Jenny Steele as Emma Fitzroy
  • Shawn Roberts as Sam Langston
  • Greg Lawson as Clint Riley
  •  Ivan Cermak as Fred Garland

Heartland Season 15 New Cast Members

For the fifteenth season, the cast welcomed two new actors. They are Drew Davis and Baye McPherson. McPherson replaced Ziya Matheson’s portrayal of Lou and Peter’s daughter Katie Fleming-Morris. Davis also portrays a brand-new character named Logan.

Further down this page, you’ll find a tweet from Heartland that may also be of interest to you:

Logan is a, as stated on the official Heartland blog, “17-year-old troubled soul who masks his insecurity with cocky bravado. He’s a moody rebel to whom everything is a joke. He can be a naturally charismatic ring leader at times, but coolly disinterested and detached at others. But all of his coolness is a front. Underneath, he takes things very seriously with intense emotions just under the surface. Logan has a gift that he doesn’t even know about until he meets Amy.”

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