Who Are Evita Duffy Parents? How Old is She?

Evita Duffy was born in Hayward, Wisconsin, in the United States of America, on October 1, 1999. Based on the date she was born, Evita is now 23 years old, and her star sign is Libra. Sean Duffy, a well-known congressman, has a daughter named Evita Duffy. She is the oldest of his children. Even though her parents are famous, Evita Duffy is still a new face.

Who Are Evita Duffy Parents?

Evita Duffy Parents
Evita Duffy Parents

Sean Duffy (Father) and Rachel Campos-Duffy (Mother) gave birth to Evita Duffy (Mother). Sean Duffy is the name of Evita Duffy’s father. He is an American lawyer, a CNN columnist, and a politician. Rachel Campos-Duffy is the name of Evita Duffy’s mother. She is a famous TV personality and reality star who works for Fox News.

Evita Duffy’s Dad, Sean Duffy

Sean Patrick Duffy is an American politician, prosecutor, former sports commentator, and reality TV star. He was born on October 3, 1971, and is now a co-host of The Bottom Line on Fox Business and a contributor on Fox News.

He was the U.S. representative for Wisconsin’s 7th congressional district from 2011 to 2019. He is a member of the Republican Party. Before becoming the district attorney of Ashland County, Wisconsin, he was a cast member on The Real World: Boston, Road Rules: All Stars, and Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Seasons.

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Evita Duffy’s Mom, Rachel Campos-Duffy

Rachel Campos-Duffy is an American TV personality born on October 22, 1971. She first appeared on TV in 1994 as a cast member on The Real World: San Francisco, an MTV reality show. After that, she became a TV host.

Before moving to Fox News, she was a guest host on the ABC talk show The View. There, she was a guest host on the show Outnumbered before being hired as a permanent co-host on Fox & Friends Weekend in May 2021.

How Old is Evita Duffy?

Evita Duffy was born on October 1, 1999, in Hayward, Wisconsin. According to her birth date, Evita is currently 23 years old and a Libra by zodiac sign. Please forward this to your friends if you find it interesting. Visit Lighthousejournal.org for the most recent celebrity news and updates.


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