How Did Emma Chamberlain Lost Weight? Learn About YouTube & Brand Endorsements!

Emma Chamberlain Weight Loss: If you’re familiar with the top YouTube stars, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Emma Chamberlain. After launching her channel in 2017, the then-18-year-old swiftly rose to prominence as one of the most influential figures on social media.

Even the young celebrity from California doesn’t understand the craze surrounding her. One plausible explanation is that it is due to Emma’s honesty. Unlike many vloggers, Emma was unconcerned about providing viewers with unflattering impressions of herself or publicizing her acne. She embraced what others might see as weaknesses and capitalized on them instead.

Emma now has many business agreements, including a lucrative contract with Louis Vuitton, her coffee line, and more. However, getting popular on the internet has its consequences. In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, the YouTuber opened out about her struggles with an eating disorder and body dysmorphia.

How did Emma Chamberlain Lost Weight?

Influencer Emma Chamberlain was diagnosed with an eating issue. Her demeanor did not suggest heaviness. Public scrutiny of her appearance is a contributing factor to her eating issue. But she has said that she has suffered from an eating disorder since she was a child, a direct result of her upbringing in the age of social media.

Emma Chamberlain Weight Loss Workout Plan


We’re going to do spin classes or jump ropes for cardio, so when the Lockdown is finished, I’d advise you to take at least 40 minutes of spin class. It’s great fun; the energy of being with other people who share your interest in cycling propels you forward.

Emma Chamberlain Weight Loss
Emma Chamberlain Weight Loss

Make sure to jump rope every day if you can’t make it to spin class. Ten sets of 100 to 200 jump rope reps are recommended. If you’re just starting, a daily total of 500 jumps should be done.

Emma Chamberlain Weight Loss Workout at Home

Emma’s home workouts include many exercises, including pike push-ups, pile squats, plank variations, squats, and jump squats. Therefore, we will start including a full-body circuit training program in our weekly schedule.

We will complete each task without breaks, and you can take a breather after every set. Two or three times a week, we want to perform a workout in the comfort of our own homes.
The primary goal is to maintain physical fitness and avoid looking sloppy and out of shape.

Twenty repetitions, three sets

One to two minutes of downtime

  • Jumping squats
  • Lunges
  • Push-ups Lunge runs Pike push-ups
  • Open-hand push-ups
  • Rockstar
  • Exercising your legs while in a high plank position
  • Straddle plank
  • From the low to the high plank
  • Crunches
  • Extensions of the Legs

Emma Chamberlain Diet Plan

Emma was open about her day-long eating habits. Typically, this is what she had for breakfast. Her morning routine consists of two fried eggs, avocado, salt, and pepper on toast, and a cup of Chamberlain coffee with almond creamer.

She is well-known to be a vegetarian who has never eaten meat. She claims to have tried it once but decided it wasn’t for her. She claimed that she had never made lunch before and always ordered in from nearby eateries, whether she was eating alone or with people. She currently enjoys a salad of lentils and greens with a dressing of oil and lemon juice or vinegar. …or a burrito filled with rice made from cauliflower.

And now, her most anticipated meal of the day: dinner. Her ranch dressing, mayonnaise, celery, mushrooms, and other condiments are off-limits. I take it she has a picky palate. Despite that, she enjoys a variety of seed crackers, nut butter, etc. Vegetables, spaghetti, brown rice, and tofu from the freezer make up the bulk of her diet. She drinks at least four cups of Cold-brew Coffee every day.

Chamberlain Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

There should be no more than 600 milliliters of water in the bottle

  • With three coffee bags
  • You should combine them
  • Pour yourself a glass of that mixture.
  • So, put in some ice
  • Include some unsweetened almond milk
  • Creamer, vegan, please

After savoring her cold brew coffee, she takes her acne prescription with nut butter or peanut butter. After that, she bought a pre-packaged vegan protein bowl dish that featured brown rice, tofu, vegetables, lime, and berries.

Emma Chamberlain Early Life

A native Californian, Emma Chamberlain, entered the world in May 2001. Chamberlain was born in San Bruno but spent most of his childhood in neighboring San Mateo County. She proceeded to San Carlos, California’s Central Middle School, and then to the all-girls Catholic Notre Dame High School. She started a YouTube channel and eventually dropped out. Later, she completed her high school education and passed the California High School Exit Exam.

Emma Chamberlain YouTube Career

Even though Chamberlain launched her channel in 2016, she didn’t publish her first video until the summer of 2017. Now her YouTube channel has millions of followers, but at first, she was just another YouTuber trying to make it big. When she posted her first 20 videos, she only had about 50 followers (she later explained: “When I initially began, I had exactly no subscribers. I’ll never forget the day I got my first subscriber email and realized it was my dad “).

Her first YouTube “viral” video, “We All Owe The Dollar Store An Apology,” was about travel, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and do-it-yourself crafts. By late summer, her channel’s subscriber count had skyrocketed, and according to one estimate, she maintained a rate of around 100,000 monthly additions for nearly a whole year. Today, she still updates her channel practically every day, and she’s worked with other prominent YouTubers like Cody Ko and the Dolan Twins. She has collaborated with numerous different YouTubers and Snapchatters.

Emma Chamberlain Brand Endorsements

Early in 2018, Chamberlain became the face of the shopping app Dote, which sponsored her for most of the year. Low Key / High Key by Emma, a clothing line designed by Chamberlain, was released. The corporation transported Chamberlain and a group of other women with successful YouTube channels worldwide, from Austin, Texas to Fiji. Chamberlain severed connections with Dote at the end of 2018 due to the app’s many scandals.


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The sunglasses company Crapeyewear hired her for marketing and product development duties in 2019. She has appeared in videos for both the official YouTube account and Target’s YouTube channel, often alongside famous faces like The Office cast and social media stars. In 2020, she continued her longstanding relationship with the Louis Vuitton brand by starring in an official Louis Vuitton Cruise campaign.

Widespread Media Coverage: Even though mainstream media doesn’t typically report on YouTube stars, Chamberlain has received significant coverage. The New York Times labeled her “the funniest person on YouTube,” while TIME magazine placed her on their list of “The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet.”

In her legal capacity as a Vogue magazine correspondent, she regularly attended Paris Fashion Week. After being profiled by Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon on ABC News’s Nightline in December 2019, she started her own mail-order coffee business, Chamberlain Coffee, in the same month.

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