Elizabeth Taylor Eyes: Where Was Elizabeth Taylor Born and Raised?

Elizabeth Taylor Eyes: Wanting Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes is like wanting what you can’t have. Elizabeth Taylor was the epitome of glamorous Hollywood style on and off screen; her many adoring fans worldwide could not get enough of her stunning good looks. Australian film critic David Stratton was stunned by the color of her eyes at the premiere of the film he reviewed in 1973 and recalled the experience in an article published on Yahoo!

“During the formal reception, I was whisked into her presence and immediately captivated by her famed violet eyes. Not only have I never seen eyes that color again, but I also doubt moviegoers at the time fully grasped just how extraordinary they were.” Are we sure that Elizabeth Taylor had violet eyes?

If LiveScience is to be believed, Taylor’s eyes were the real deal. “In addition to the apparent extremes of blue and grey, there is a wide range of intermediate tones. Although the color violet probably best described her natural complexion, “The head of the eye clinic at Brooklyn’s Maimonides Medical Center, Dr. Norman Saffra, revealed this to the authors of Life’s Little Mysteries (via LiveScience).

The amount of melanin in one’s eyes determines whether or not one can have “that eye color.” The amount of melanin in the iris is a hereditary factor that affects its color. Melanin levels in Taylor’s eyes were exceptionally unique.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Eye Color Always Drew Attention

Elizabeth Taylor frequently wore blue and purple to draw attention to her eyes. Safra pointed out that the eye’s ability to absorb different wavelengths of light (from the sun or the reflection of clothing, for example) can make the color of the eye appear additional. The award-winning actress was born with distichiasis, a genetic disease that causes the development of an extra row of luxuriant eyelashes (twice the eyelashes!).

Taylor was born in London in 1932, but she and her family emigrated to the United States just before the outbreak of World War II. By 1942, she had already secured her first acting job in the film One Born Every Minute (via People). Two years later, in 1944’s National Velvet, she had her big break, and with 1946’s Cleopatra, she made history by becoming the first female actor to earn $1 million for a single film.

She got multiple nominations and two Oscars throughout her career and, according to CNN, “was as prevalent a presence in American society as President Eisenhower, Mickey Mantle, Elvis Presley, and Marilyn Monroe.”

Where Was Elizabeth Taylor Born and Raised?

Born in London to American art dealer Francis Lenn Taylor and American stage actress Sara Sothern in retirement in 1932, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor came from a prestigious family. Fearing war in Europe, Taylor and her family relocated to Los Angeles in 1939, where Taylor enrolled at Hawthorne School.

Growing up in California, Taylor was encouraged to audition for movies because to her family’s contacts in the business and her striking violet eyes and thick, long eyelashes. During the early months of 1941, Taylor auditioned for both MGM and Universal Pictures, and he was offered contracts by both.

How Many Relationships Did Elizabeth Taylor Have?

Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor

Taylor’s adult life, which includes eight marriages and scandalous affairs, was the subject of intense media attention. Conrad Hilton Jr., an heir to the Hilton fortune, was her first marriage.

Only eight months into their relationship did Hilton’s belligerent and drunken tendencies cause the pair to separate. Taylor wed actor Michael Wilding in 1952; the pair had two sons before divorcing in 1957. A daughter was born to Taylor and her husband, producer Mike Todd, the following year.

As previously mentioned, Todd perished in a plane crash back in 1958. The actress’s affair with Eddie Fisher, who was married at the time, caused a public uproar shortly thereafter.

However, the couple tied the knot in 1959. During the 1962 shoot for “Cleopatra,” Taylor began a romance with Richard Burton, who would go on to become her famous on-screen husband. In 1964, after Taylor’s divorce from Fisher, he wed Burton; ten years later, in 1984, he filed for divorce from Burton.

In 1975, they tied the knot again, and two years later, in 1976, they were officially separated. After working on an election campaign with Republican politician John Warner, Taylor eventually married him. Taylor and Warner split up in 1982 when she grew restless and lonely in the nation’s capital.

She dated actor Anthony Geary, then dated lawyers Victor Luna and Dennis Stein, and was briefly engaged to each of them. Their seven-and-final-spouse, construction worker Larry Fortensky, was her partner from 1991 to 1996.

In addition to her interesting romantic life, Taylor was involved in politics and charity activities. She was an early advocate for HIV/AIDS education, and her efforts helped raise more than $270 million. Taylor has founded numerous groups to raise money for research and support individuals who are affected by the disease, and she has also spoken out in support of the Ryan White Care Act in Congress.

After his conversion to Judaism in 1959, Taylor became an ardent advocate for Jewish and Zionist causes. Her contributions to the Jewish National Fund and the Simon Wiesenthal Center earned her a seat on their boards of trustees.

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