Did Lizzy Musi Get Married To Kye Kelley? How Did They First Meet?

Did Lizzy Musi Get Married: On November 11th, 2023, Kye Kelley and his fiancee Lizzy Musi will tie the knot. On July 31, 2021, the power couple announced their engagement. A website dedicated to helping couples plan the reports of their wedding.

Kye and Lizzy have booked the venue in Kentwood, Louisiana. The rehearsal dinner will be held in Osyka, Mississippi, while the wedding will take place in Louisiana. Kye Kelley, an underground racer originally from Magnolia, is a name familiar to anyone who loves fast automobiles.

Even though he was born on a farm in Mississippi on May 18, 1985, his commitment to a career in auto racing was unwavering due to his well-established financial situation. Since his father was rarely around during Kye’s youth, he struggled greatly.

As a result, Kelley was unable to finish high school. In the agricultural industry, he worked with livestock and grocery bagging. At 15, he reportedly acquired his first car after working two low-paying jobs and accumulating the money.

His first vehicle was a 1972 Chevy LUV with a large block engine. Later, he constructed the vehicle’s 572 cubic-inch powertrain and ladder-bar chassis. Who knew that Kye’s love of speed and vehicles would make him one of the Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws series stars? Despite losing the chase, he found love in cars and proposed to his girlfriend, Lizzy Musi.

Did Lizzy Musi Get Married To Kye Kelley?

Did Lizzy Musi Get Married
Did Lizzy Musi Get Married

On November 23, 2023, the wedding between Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi will take place. The big day has been set for November 19, 2023. When Kye asked Lizzy to be his girlfriend on an episode of Street Outlaws on July 31, 2021, viewers of the show were smitten.

He may have finished last, but he certainly didn’t finish last in his girlfriend’s heart that day. The video was shared online and helped the pair receive a lot of congratulations on their engagement. When her boyfriend, a professional race car driver, proposed, Lizzy didn’t hesitate to say yes in front of their mutual fans.

The crowd shouted as they saw the two lovers embrace and gaze at one another. Compared to previous years, 2021 was excellent for Kye but also very different. Kye told the press that he had been saving the ring for more than a year in anticipation of the perfect time to propose to Lizzy.

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Also, he mentioned that the suggestion made it more than just a victory. In 2018, Kye temporarily stepped away from the racing scene. After only two years of marriage, Kelley and his ex-wife Alise Mote recently divorced. Kye is still a part of the Street Outlaws cast and has his racing team.

According to his Instagram, he spends his free time working on car projects and racing. Kye has stayed optimistic and dedicated to his racing goals even though financial challenges have hampered him and his team. Kelly didn’t see racing as a hobby since he was committed to improving in every way possible.

How Did Lizzy Musi And Kye Kelley First Meet?

Pat Musi was the one who introduced Lizzy and Kye. Around 2016, Lizzy’s dad Pat brought her and her future husband to their first PDRA demonstration race. When Lizzy was eight years old, she began racing, but she quit as a teenager.


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Kye shopped in Pat Musi’s store as a customer. Until then, she had been entirely oblivious to Kye Kelly’s existence. Later on, though, they developed friendships and began to enjoy each other’s company. Her dad, Pat, owns Racing Engines, a company that specializes in building Pro Mod race cars, and he lives and works in North Carolina.

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