Cupcake Weight Loss: Why Did She Surprise Her Fans?

Rapper CupcakKe alleges that nothing but water has gone down her throat for a month. CupcakKe is best known for her YouTube hit, “Deep Throat.”

CupcakKe, whose real name is Elizabeth Harris, returned to social media after a month-long absence with a dramatically altered appearance that she said was the consequence of water fast.

She tweeted two images showing her weight reduction transformation and the caption, “Water fast for last month & here’s my results.”

Some of her supporters praised her more petite physique and offered their support.

Why Did She Leave Many Fans Shocked?

No matter how much weight you have, I think you’re beautiful. As someone recovering from an E.D., diets like this are risky, and being slim might become an addiction for you. If necessary, seek help right away because it’s never too early.

Others advised her to set a better example for her impressionable young admirers.

“Cupcakke, I adore and stand by you. But if you’re going to promote anything like this on Twitter, please think again. Many young and impressionable individuals who follow you might attempt this without seeking medical advice, leading them to develop disordered eating, remarked Twitter user @VITRIOLUM, who is in remission from anorexia.

Jameela Jamil, an actress and activist who supports body positivity and frequently criticizes “toxic diet culture,” asked CupcakKe to remove the image.

Most individuals reading this might not have the necessary training or access to medical care even to TRY to accomplish this properly. The risks are significant, and since it will damage your metabolism, it isn’t even a proper weight-loss technique. Said, it’s dangerous,” Jamil tweeted.

Jamil immediately replied to CupcakKe’s tweet with “love and best wishes.” She tweeted, “We simply need to be extremely careful with what we promote because we have too much power and influence, and we don’t want to hurt the people who trust us.”

What Have Been The Concerns Over The Past Year?

According to reports, CupcakKe was transported to a hospital in Chicago on January 8 after tweeting that she planned to commit suicide. CupcakKe stated, “I’ve been struggling with depression for the longest,” in a tweet published the next day.

I’m sorry I did it in front of everyone last night. I’m fine. I went to the hospital, and now that I’m there, I’m finally getting the support I require to survive, be content, and produce excellent music. Thank you for your prayers, but please don’t be concerned for me.

When CupcakKe announced her retirement via Instagram Live in September 2019, she said, “This life is going to be the final video that y’all [will] see of me.” This occurrence is identical to that one. She announced that she would stop making public music releases and take her music off all streaming services.

CupcakKe sadly claimed during the same live stream that she would cancel her The 10k Giveaway Tour because she was “corrupting the children” with her obscene songs. She expressed her dismay at seeing young people at her performances and in her music videos singing along to her pornographic songs, saying, “I want to go to paradise after this.” I do not desire to enter hell.

She sent a tweet to Camila Cabello, a fellow performer, before going on a social media break, writing, “Yes, sis… I f*cked your dude… I deliberately did it because you’re a racist. Let’s inform the world that this is tea as I get the receipts. According to Paper, she was alluding to Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello’s boyfriend.

CupcakKe has returned to social media, and all streaming services provide her songs.

What Is The Measurement Of Age, Height, Weight, And Body Size?

CupcakKe was born on May 31, 1997. Thus as of today, August 2, 2021, he is 24 years old. Despite being 168 centimeters and 5 feet 6 inches tall, she only weighs roughly 145 pounds and 66 kg. Her hair is dark brown, and she has dark brown eyes. Therefore, CupcakKe’s age as of 2021 and height and weight are known.


Harris came from a modest family. Since her birth, she has been alive for four years. She attended primary school and fulfilled the requirements for her basic education there. She began attending school pretty late. She could not further her education because of her family’s financial situation. Nevertheless, she participated in a class to receive at least her primary level’s fundamental education.

Private Life:

Harris ran into a fellow as she headed for the live program for the show. They gradually started having a great time and spending quality time with one another. They then decided to be married after dating for a while. However, their union did not survive very long. They agreed to a divorce.

Is Cupcakke A Homosexual?

You may also declare that Elizabeth Eden Harris is not a lesbian if you want, CupcakKe. John McVie, her boyfriend, was her boyfriend. They started dating after they ran into her boyfriend at a concert and after they met each other.

cupcakke weight loss (1)
cupcakke weight loss (1)

The pair decided to get married after three years of dating. The couple exchanged vows in front of many guests, including some of their close supporters. Unfortunately, they split up and divorced each other. After being together for a long time, they decided to divorce.

How Is A Career In The Profession?

In August 2012, Harris posted her debut music video, Gold Digger, to her YouTube page. Around the time of the debut of her video. Harris’s second song album, Vagina, was officially released in 2015, which corresponds to the year 2010. She once more released another album through her channel in a month, titled Deep throat.


CupcakKe, an American rapper, has won numerous accolades. She has been honored with the B.E.T. award, two Twitter Music Awards, and an IHeart Radio Music Award.

She received the Best New Artist award in 2017 for being the best female hip-hop artist.

For Best Collaboration as well as Best Female Hip Hop Artist in the year 2019.

Net Worth:

Elizabeth Eden Harris has a lot of potentials. She is an incredible songwriter who has written fantastic lyrics for the songs that she has been assigned, and even she has done her best work in those songs that she has written. She is not only an American rapper, but she is also a fantastic singer who has sung many numerous songs that have made her fans fall in love with her voice. CupcakKe’s net worth as of 2021 is $1 million.

Some Facts About CupcakKe’s:

Indeed, Elizabeth Eden Harris is a well-known figure with a wide range of skills. While everyone knows the information she has provided to the media, neither the general public nor her followers know its facets. Let’s learn more about those obscure facts.

Since Harris could not remain in a home, she spent almost her first four years in a homeless shelter. When she used to go to church, she was inspired by a friend to start rapping. She was influenced by writing the song even after she began rapping.

Elizabeth Eden Harris has her moniker CupcakKe, which was professionally given to her for being such a magnificent artist, according to the information provided in the materials above or information gathered.

She has all she could have wished for now, despite living in a shelter for the homeless and having experienced a lot of hardship as a child. She has only what she has today due to her commitment, diligence, and confidence in her abilities and job.

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