Cody Triumphs With Three Cross Rhodes On Brock Lesnar

Cody Rhodes defeated Brock Lesnar in the finals with three straight Cross Rhodes. To begin the match, Rhodes was pummeled by Brock Lesnar with an onslaught of suplexes. When Rhodes found an advantage and evened the odds with the help of an exposed turnbuckle, the tides turned.

In this match, Lesnar and Rhodes used Kimura Locks at various points. Lesnar shook Cody’s hands, hugged him, and raised his hand in respect after Rhodes’ triumph.

Cody Rhodes’ newest struggle tour took him through Hurricane Brock, where Lesnar completely dominated their brawls on television. In addition to (kayfabe) fracturing Rhodes’ arm, Lesnar put Rhodes out in front of his family in Atlanta, Ga., then defeated Rhodes on Raw this past Monday.

Cody Triumphs With Three Cross Rhodes On Brock Lesnar

Given how powerful Lesnar has appeared in recent weeks, Rhodes, who recently released his critically acclaimed documentary, looked like a near-lock to reclaim his heat with a win. Their matches were suitable to great; however, it can be argued that Lesnar vs. Rhodes would have benefited significantly from a world title match.

A Tweet posted by the official account of WrestleTalk:-

Despite the drama surrounding Rhodes’ loss, Roman Reigns has not defended the WWE Universal Championship in over 100 days—an unprecedented feat in and of itself—with zero defenses since his victory over Rhodes. The first world title defense for Reigns will be against Jey Uso, with the title of Tribal Chief on the line.

The symbolic Tribal Chief beads make the WWE Universal Championship almost obsolete. With no stipulation despite a rubber match, it suddenly appears absurd that Reigns vs. Uso III has two titles on the line, whereas Brock vs. Cody III had none.

Rhodes and Lesnar are both giant enough names to be any lingering difficulties in this narrative and when it came time to deliver a fantastic match, both were more than up to the task.

WWE appears to be bent on keeping Rhodes away from the WWE World Heavyweight Championship for as long as possible as they wait for WrestleMania 40. In the main event, Rhodes remains the favorite to face Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship.

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