What Is Chrishell Stause’s Weight Loss Journey? What Kind of Workout Does She Do?

Chrishell Stause Weight Loss: Selling Sunset Following her DWTS workouts, Chrishell Stause started losing weight, and a wholesome diet helped her shed 100 kg. The celebrity lost over 30 kilograms during season 5 of the show, kicking off her diet and leading to a position as a Nutrisystem spokesperson. She practiced Pilates three times per week and aerobics twice every week.

Who Is Chrishell Stause?

American actress Terrina Chrishell Stause works in theatre. Terrina is most known for playing Amanda Dillon and Jordan Ridgeway on All My Children and Days of Our Lives, respectively.

On ABC’s All My Children, where Stause started on May 4, 2005, when the character returned to Pine Valley after a protracted hiatus, she is best known for having fun with Amanda Dillon.

She has a real estate agency in addition to her work as a professional. Selling Sunset, a Netflix reality television show about The Oppenheim Group, a specific real estate company focused on opulent properties in Los Angeles, features work.

The youngest of four sisters, Stause. Shonda, who appeared in Selling Sunset’s first and third seasons and currently resides in St. Louis, is her older sister. Chrishell had mentioned numerous times on Instagram that her biological father adopted her when she was a baby and that she had yet to meet him. Her father’s side gives her Spanish and Japanese origins.

Stause was born in the Kentucky city of Draffenville. She received a bachelor’s degree in theatre from Murray State University in 2003. Her birthday inspired the name of her heart, “Chrishell.”

Is Chrishell Stause Married?

From December 9, 2006, to December 9, 2007, Stause was committed to Matthew Morrison. She started dating Justin Hartley in January 2014, and in July 2016, they announced their engagement. The ceremony took place on October 28, 2017. Hartley filed for divorce in November 2019, citing irreconcilable differences.

She dated Keo Motsepe, a Dancing with the Stars dancer, from December 2020 to February 2021. After they split up, she announced on Instagram in July 2021 that she had begun dating her co-star and employer from Selling Sunset, Jason Oppenheim. The relationship lasted until December 2021.


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What Is Chrishell Stause’s Weight Loss Journey?

The star of Selling Sunset, Chrishell Stause, was open about her weight loss journey. She can balance her time between filming, selling real estate, hosting TV shows online, and writing books.

Stause frequently works out alongside athletes and is the founder of Power 8 LA Ocho, and the workout videos they share are brutal. She has been undermining my program from the start,’ Ocho told WH.

She may have given all during every practice session with Ocho, but she also shared her body with the others. She takes at least two or three days off to relax every week.

Chrishell does Pilates for a couple of weeks to extend, stretch, and recover. It’s low-impact, gives her excellent preparation, and enables her to regroup. She primarily eats plants and prefers to perform weighted circuits.

Chrishell Stause Lost How Much Weight In Pounds?

Chrishell Stause, an actress, has not yet discussed her significant weight loss because she hasn’t specified how many pounds she lost during her weight loss journey.

What Kind of Workout Does Chrishell Stause Do?

HIIT It: HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is probably known to you if you’ve ever visited a gym or searched for the “best home exercises to try” on Google. Our gal Chrishell is familiar with the concept because she uses it to get her cardio.


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Ocho, Chrishell’s PT and the owner of the Los Angeles training center Power 8, gave Women’s Health the lowdown on the HIIT workouts Chrishell likes to undertake. Chrishell’s workout schedule can change from week to week, he said. HIIT training is one of the most effective methods for gaining muscle and burning fat simultaneously because of her busy schedule, so we squeeze it in when we can.

Add In Some Weights: Ocho mentioned that he incorporates weight training into Chrishell’s HIIT sessions, obviously for the added burn, as if HIIT training weren’t already enough. The physical therapist explained, “We do heavyweight and plyometrics in addition to HIIT so that her body is continuously moving and that she never gets bulky but still gains strength.

Pilates Queen: Chrishell balances her fitness program with tonnes of Pilates in addition to all those HIIT workouts. Ocho continues, “She does Pilates once or twice weekly to extend, stretch, and recover. “She can recover, and it’s minimal impact, but she still works out hard.” A friendly dog is a plus.

Which Diet Follows Chrishell Stause?

Breakfast: The adage “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is one we’ve all heard, and Chrishell lives by it. The reality TV turned real estate agent shared her go-to breakfast recipes with Women’s Health; they’re just as nutritious as you might expect.

Eggs are my favorite breakfast food, she said. “Scrambled egg whites with pepper and cheddar cheese are my favorite food.” Naturally, with her hectic schedule, she doesn’t always have time to spend in the kitchen making scrambled eggs, but that isn’t a reason to skip breakfast entirely. She said, “Lately, it’s been more of a protein bar.” “I typically reach for a protein bar or a banana and peanut butter when I’m busy. I have a peanut butter compulsion.”

Not Losing Her Favorites: Chrishell plans to indulge in delectable Italian cuisine, as she told Women’s Health. I haven’t encountered a pasta I don’t enjoy, but she said bucatini with cracked pepper and Parmesan cheese is my favorite. The former actor was asked what else she typically orders when going out to eat. “I enjoy fish. I also adore pizza and sushi.”

Alterations To The Recipe: Although she loves pasta and pizza, Chrishell knows that eating these things nonstop wouldn’t be the healthiest option. As a result, she makes ingenious modifications to her favorite meals to keep them tasty while still being a balanced, nutritious alternative.

“Spicy shrimp spaghetti is a dish I’m particularly proud of. It’s so delicious and has a slight kick, “To Women’s Health, she spoke. I’ll make it with whole-wheat noodles, shrimp that has been sautéed in red pepper chile flakes, and a hotter tomato sauce. Exceptionally complete in nutrients, whole grains can reduce your heart disease risk and support good digestion.

Photos of Chrishell Stause’s Transformation Before And After

Chrishell Stause’s before-and-after pictures were made public because her fans were astonished by her transformation, given that her weight loss journey also involved going through breakups and divorce.

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