Who is Charlie Day’s Wife? Would She Be a Feminist?

Charlie Day’s Wife: At the moment, Charlie Day is a very contented man. He’s made it as an actor and his family live seems to be going swimmingly. Charlie indeed has the limitless skill, but he also acknowledges that his success is in great part thanks to his wife, Mary Elizabeth Ellis.

Day’s breakthrough role was in the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia comedy series. For his performance in the show, he was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Actor. Acting credits for Day include the comedic horror picture Horrible Bosses, the action-adventure film Pacific Rim, the animated comedy The Lego Movie, and the martial arts action flick Fist Fight.

How to Be a Gentleman and Unsupervised are only two of the shows that Charlie has developed. The piano, guitar, trombone, and harmonica are just a few of the instruments he’s skilled at. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia incorporates some of his music.

Mary Ellis has been crucial to Day’s success. Day relies on her for the support and nurturing he requires to thrive. That’s why Day places so much importance on her. Mary’s acting and writing abilities are an asset to Day’s career as well. Mary is also a skilled actor, but unlike Charlie, she hasn’t broken through to the mainstream. If you want to learn more about Mary Elizabeth Ellis, keep on reading!

She is an Actor and a Writer

Mary’s first notable acting part was as “The Waitress” in the comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which she landed in 2005. They married three years later, and she co-wrote and performed in the movie A Quiet Little Marriage. In recognition of her efforts, the 2008 Slamdance Film Festival awarded her the Best Narrative Feature prize.


She guest-starred on many sitcoms between 2010 and 2013, including Georgia, Happy Endings, and Up All Night. In the television series New Girl, which premiered in 2011, Mary portrayed the character of Caroline. She co-starred with Fred Savage and Rob Lowe in the 2015 sitcom The Grinder.

Mary managed to squeeze film roles in between guest spots on sitcoms. She had roles in two movies released in 2016: Masterminds and the Free State of Jones. She portrayed Sharon in 2018’s The Truth About Lies. El Tonto, currently in post-production, will feature her.

Mary’s acting career began on stage, and she continues to feature in theatrical productions today. Her first performance was in The Tempest at the PCPA Theaterfest. Along with Artemis Pebdani, she later co-wrote and starred in the play Mother May I Dance with Mary Jane’s Fist?: A Lifetime Original Play. In 2015, she played Ashley in the play, Trevor, marking her most recent stage engagement.

She enjoys working with her husband

Mary and Charlie’s relationship is widely believed to have begun on the set of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. However, they became a pair after meeting in a New York theatre where they were both performing. Mary claims the two hit it off right away. But in a recent interview on YouTube, Mary was honest about the fact that theirs wasn’t a fairytale romance.

“The businesslike response was that we met, hit it off, and had a very above board, classy connection. If you want to know the truth, it’s about a one-night stand that hasn’t ended even after all these years. So, you know, do it; you never know.

Mary and Charlie had a one-night stand that turned into a marriage vow on March 4, 2006. Both Charlie and Mary are in the entertainment industry, and they have no trouble distinguishing between their personal and professional lives. Mary revealed to GQ that the couple frequently discusses theatre; We do have a lot of work-related conversations at home. It’s a wonderful and exciting aspect of our friendship; as an actor or artist, I can’t fathom not having someone to discuss technique with. It has been quite beneficial to me.

She said a lot of things have changed since they were married and had a child in the interview. Their son, Russell Wallace Day, was born on December 15th, 2011. Charlie and Mary used to spend their nights reading poetry and staring at each other, but that habit has since died. “She said,”

A firm “No, that’s not going to happen. The child goes to bed, who takes out the trash, and tomorrow’s lunch plans are discussed. It was lovely while it lasted, and hopefully, we’ll have it again sometime. I’ve been lounging and reading poetry all day. In It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Mary and Charlie’s relationship is cold. Charlie and Mary may have a rocky on-screen dynamic, but they get along great in real life.

She is a Feminist

Mary is very passionate about promoting feminist ideas, and she does it whenever she has the chance. She wishes women in the industry success and equality. She discussed it with Marie Claire. “I think having women behind the cameras is exciting – whether as a director, a writer, or a producer – because it does seem like we’re amid this awakening of realizing that it’s vital for women to have a voice,” says one woman in the film industry.

According to her, we need to disregard gender norms if we want to create a more welcoming society for everybody. She adds that women should not be afraid to speak up for what they want. The productions Mary has worked on have benefited from her progressive feminist perspective. She collaborates with the show’s creative team to make sure her characters accurately reflect the feminist message. Mary recently expressed to Marie Claire how much her character in The Grinder represented her feminist values.

I appreciate the show’s treatment of feminism generally and my character in particular for the subtlety with which it approaches both themes. She is a fully realized human being. Now that Fred Savage knows how I feel about feminism, he often interrupts me to say things like, “She doesn’t need to be the one to carry the food in; I can bring the food in.” If she’s preparing lunches, I can prepare lunches. Those kinds of details matter to me a great deal.

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